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The 25th is my last day finally! But i cant get on the computer because i dont have one at home

what kind of girls do you like

8% (3 votes)
39% (14 votes)
11% (4 votes)
8% (3 votes)
19% (7 votes)
14% (5 votes)
Total votes: 36
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today is the day of silence

remember to celebrate the day of silence every year april 26

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I have something to say
I think about you night and day
I always wonder if you feel the same way

When I look into your eyes this is what I see
True beauty that is very rare
That will always be there

You're an angel sent from above
And only wanted to say you
Were my true love

To you I always will be true
Nobody else seems to care
But the feelings are still there

Now I told you how I felt

butchs or femmes

41% (15 votes)
59% (22 votes)
Total votes: 37
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I have something to tell you
This is something i thought id never have to do

I think you are my true love
Your an angel sent from the heavens above

I love you with all my heart
From you i cant bear to depart

Your my friend, but i love you more
You are the one i adore

You mean the world to me
But i know this is the way it should be

I know you dont feel the same way
and it kills me to think about it every day

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argh i hate this issue it sucks

im in love with two girls a lesbian who rejected me and this beautiful straight girl who might be bi but i dont know
could someone please help me with this?

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Im having so much trouble

Why dosent anyone like gay people? Huh? Were people like anyone else! Im so sick of people who are so

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Arghhhhhhhhh i hate this!

This totally sucks. Im in love with this girl who is beautiful and she doesent even know i exist!
I hate it! I dont know what to do.

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