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My Reflections: Both Memories and Mirrors

Take a look at me now
What do you think?
Hair kept, eyes lit,
cheeks flushed, lips pink.
I am a portrait
A spitting image of myself
But this is no reflection-
Looking deeper down I delve.
This is me now
As I flip through the memories
Once pale, tired, beaten,
Torn in silent reveries.
These were my pictures
Showing how I'd been.
I hated myself, my mind,
my body, my sin.
But take a look at me now.

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do do doo

This door of seperation
keeps driving me insane
i havent seen you lately
the phone is not the same

but if we wait just long enough
someday it might work out
but till that day, I'm on my own
for if it comes, i surely doubt

sometimes i think u feel for me
like i always felt for you
i think those feelings have come for sure
but you wont admit they do

but its okay, I'll tell you now

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an old journal lesson

"Do not judge, lest you be judged"

Why are people constantly looked down on?

*does being shy make you any less of a person?

*does being poor make you any dumber?

*does being overweight make you numb to feelings?

*does being smart make you a geek or nerd?

it doesnt seem right to me.

People are unaproached if their hair style is abnormal.

People are mocked if their clothing isn't right.

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ah an angry poem

always runnin away
cant face reality
live for the day
leading a life
full of pain
full of death
you fool,
cheat, lie,
steal, kill,
you'd leave your closest friend
face down
in the dirt.
you curse your parents
they gave you life
you kill them
with words
no need for a knife.
you're a pain to society
you're a detriment
to those around
you're pure evil,

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do do do

You know,
I never used to cry.
I was happy;
I was fine.

But these past years-
They've taken my soul;
They've ripped it apart
and I'm no longer whole.

Through time
Ive picked the pieces back up;
Tried to glue myself back together-
My heart, nothing more than a broken cup.

I've brushed the dirt off
and straightened my shoulders,
Only at my first step-
Crushed under another boulder.

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once upon a time i was in love..

Eyes, look away.
Heart, start beating
Lungs, keep breathing.
Body, unfreeze.

I remind myself of this

Its just
I forget myself when Im with you.

Its like
I drink your beauty in
and then get drunk off it.

I cant function.

When I look into your eyes,
I feel weakend
and yet, at the same time, strengthened

How do you do it?

You amaze me.
There is no end to your imagination,

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one of the published ones.. i dont remember the title

God, the sky is pretty,
colored blue, a hint of pink.
The world is a beautiful place.
Enhanced mostly by you I think.
I cant FATHOM your beauty
it has no description, no place
the soft, silky hair;
deep dark eyes on your perfect face.
I spend my time looking left or to the right
Cause when my eyes meet yours
They are glued there all night.
My heart skips no beat,
It stops altogether
I get a sinking feeling,

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yes.. more

my creative writing class.. a few lines i enjoyed:

for someone:
How long would you say it takes despair to file down a heart?
Maybe it is for you the sea lifts its shoulders to the moon.
Maybe its because of you the stars, too, desire one another across their infinite, impossible distances forever.
My heart is like a glove looking for your hand.

for a certain history:
Today, each memory is a cemetary that must be tended. You have to stand clear of the briars of anger. You have to wash revenge from your eyes.

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short poem thing... and story to a good friend

She walked into the room
like it was no big deal
She would have walked a little slower
if she knew how I feel.

E: goodness im not good at those
E: hmmm
E: once upon a time..
E: a princess was walking down theroad by her castle
E: where she saw a foreign path leading into the woods
E: now she had never noticed this path before
E: so curiosity began to set it
E: she looked around to make sure no one was watching and ran to the mouth of the path

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so i had been going through a dark period.. :)

its just one more suicide
one less life
one more dissapointment
one less strife

its just one more suicide
one less pain
one more empty seat
one less strain

its just one more sucide
one less plan
one more headstone
one less man

its just one more suicide
one less task
one more ledge
one less mask

its just one more suicide
that in time wont be missed
its just one more suicide

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okay im new here.. i need a place to post my old poems... and btw i dont have titles for anything ever. ah well

Forbidden love, it comes so sweet
Like as a graceful dancer cooly glides on her feet. Forbidden love, it Forbidden love, it comes without warn
Like a great ship who's sail, by the weather, is torn.

Forbidden love, its revealed to none
Like a virginity kept precious by a most devout nun.
Forbidden love, its revealed to self

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