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I need to start learning how to just relax and not let everything get to me. For the last two weeks, I've been having these little panic attacks. My breathing is all shallow and my chest feels really tight. I though I was going to fall out at work today. I got so dizzy and everybody seemed like they just slowed down for a while. I was kind of scarry because I don't know what the hell was happening to me. I had to keep myself from snapping on my boss all day. I just wanted to leave when it was time for me to leave today. I hate working with him. He's so disrespectful, he started doing this thing where say I'm reading something on the computer and this fucker will snap is fingers right in my face and then laugh. I've told him on several occasions not to do that to me. I make it very obvious that I don't like it but he keeps fucking doing it. He did it today! It takes everything in me to not snap on him. I really need this job and since I don't have a stable work history, I don't want to leave or quit this

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Welcome to the Fight

I just hate that I
still feel this way
I haven’t forgotten you in the fight
keeping your memory
near and fresh
I recall the giddy feelings
you and I
once shared.
as “us

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My father has really been pissing me off with all of his crap. He told my brother and I months ago that he was moving out, he's been living with his fiance since the beginning of the summer. But every so often he has to come over here and start fucking with that shit. DOPE. I know when he's high and I know when he's on some bullshit. I can see it coming a mile away with him. After all I'm just like him.

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Today really sucked!! At work things were slow as hell, not one person stopped
and asked about a cellphone. Then my pervy jerk of a boss came in like an
hour late. Not that it mattered really. Actually that was a highlight. But
he's so fucking stupid! I hate having to be around him. I work with him for
like 6 hours out of the week and that's way too much. He thinks everything is
funny, when it's not. He makes up nicknames for everybody and then he beats

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"I didn't even have to use my AK, today was a good day." - Ice Cube

<--!break--> Today was an amazingly good day! I just felt good all day. Yesterday I went<--!break-->
to a white party. I had such a great time. My best friend and I went together<--!break-->
The bartenders hooked me up. I watched them pour my drink, all vodka and a<--!break-->
little bit of color. While I was at the party, I ran into my ex-boyfriends<--!break-->
cousin, I gave him my number to pass it along. I kind of hope that he doesn't<--!break-->

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Another Lonely Day

Well the other day I met this girl....she's got a lot going for herself,
she's in school, has her cna liscense, and is looking for a job and she's
pretty. The only thing is we have nothing in common, she's a wild child, still
likes to fight and act all wild, like she's still in high school. I don't deal
with drama too well and I shouldn't have to. I think I'm going to stay away
from her. I invited her to my cousins party tonight though....

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.......I think I' m jealous of your girlfriend........

I am so lonely, that it's starting to finally get to me. I miss Delilah a lot
lately. I wish that we could be right for each other but I know that we aren't
meant for each other. Well as friends but nothing else. When we were together
my pride was so hurt that it didn't even matter. I wish that whole crap with
Jeremiah had never happened. That just messed my head up and I couldn't
trust her after that. But she was my girlfriend and she treated me very well.

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