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Horrifying Things

Well, there are a great deal of horrifying things; however, I think the most horrifying things are the horrifying things, that people don't think are horrifying... I know it's a bit of a read, but this article is worth reading

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Anger beyond rage.

"virus alert"......
"virus alert"......
"virus alert"......
thats how my mourning went.... fighting with my computer to beat the lil' bastards. I normally run zonealarm and AVG, and I'm not speaking bad about them.... they've saved me enough times to be happy... but it only takes once.

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Sleepless in Chicago

Ok, I'm getting really bored, and I am really Fing tired...

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Am I crazy?

I dont know.... for the last oh... few years I have pondered the extreme of sciences... Is it crazy to think you have done something that no one has done before.... at the age of 18?

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i hope this new year brings you all the joy that no other year has.
but remember be safe beyond anything else....

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you know, i really dislike this new system. you know, i like keeping up with gay events..... but i liked oasis because it was from a "simpltan" point of view. it was a place where people could talk about their problems and others would listen... you know I dont deny the record of what was originally oasis mag.... but it evolved into an open forum....

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feeling forced too

I feel like an outcast of this group, ive always been a more quiet watcher... but today, I feel as though I must bring a name... A soldier of the republic, a soldier of truth... a gay soldier willing to fight for "freedom" today november 15 is his birthday.... he died last year.... in a pointless war... -November 15, 1986--January 22, 2005
Happy Birthday David

sitting, staring, lost in the hour

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elections, voting, and the bullshit inbetween

it seems to me that both sides are more interested in bashing eachother that talking about the important things.... lies are far more prevalent than truth...
one such example which i just heard to day (senator for illinios) "currently principles are only able to suspend students for bringing a gun to school" ARE YOU FUCKING KIDING ME?!?!?!
i wrote in a book that i was gonna bring a gun, and the filed charges against me and kicked my ass out for 2 and a half years.... do people honestly believe this shit...

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Granted Wishes

The gates open, a shallow creak
entrance granted into dark.
mason pavement to the door
lined in deceiving beauty.

Banished from sun
to windowless extravagance
a final glimpse of old
then into the castle, onto solitude

Captivity within desires fulfilled
palisades hide the hollow joy
slowly, visions of past recede
reality crumbles to dust

dreams become perverse thoughts
sadistic pleasures come to fruition

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Blood Stained Hands

Hands stained of evil,
Thoughts broken with unforgiving disparity
Ideas, unaware of the pain they cause.

As the pen pierces my heart,
Knowledge once within, escapes me,
Lost in the calculations, without a hope,

Forests of crumpled paper, gather on the floor
My hands, relentlessly struggle, to yet no avail.
With each new draft, answers slowly die.

Fighting for the solution, unseen.
Suffering over the incompatible math,

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pain in the fit of rage
words said, and things done,
that'll never change
the past now gone

Hatred transformed to a tear
rolling down my face
things done out of fear
Love, pushed away, without a trace

Clinging to my shallow hope
that all has not withered away
knowing I could not cope,
A price... to high to pay.

Heart torn in two
sweet bliss turned sour
Nothing left to do
but end with a flower.

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today is the day of the pride parade... and i came back speacially for it... tho, as the hours seep closer and closer to it, i feel the butterflies growin... last year i met one of my only "boyfriends" at it... and im afraid something like last year will happen.... I want to go... I have several groups that have invited me... heh but it seems like im dead in the water listening to "tuesday 3am" from latter days

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shoot me now

Oh god.... shoot me now

I'm always holding the highground against one night stands.....

Some one shoot me now!!!!!

WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING?...... oh.... right..... i wasnt.......

do you see the same poll question come up every few days?

didn't i just see that up their?
8% (5 votes)
Ya, its really getting annoying asking the same thing over and over again....
17% (10 votes)
Ya, but knew people might want to know, so I put up with it
17% (10 votes)
meh, I hadn't noticed
25% (15 votes)
No, not really
17% (10 votes)
What are you talking about
7% (4 votes)
What, Where am I?
10% (6 votes)
Total votes: 60
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holy shit?!?!

my father, the most conservative prick said he's ok with me being whoever i am..... did i slip into one of them parallel dimensions or something?
heh my mother, the person whom i thought would be the liberal hates my guts and my conservative father accepts me, DID I MISS SOMETHING?!?!?!?

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