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this is a juxtaposition
cold concrete, warm water
Y - B - R
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"A trace comes before the presence of a thing..."

Shouldn't the absence of a love life mean there is a love life then? Thanks for nothing Derrida.

Anyone wanna' talk about life? I'll start.

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Wow, Last Night...

So this year I'm going to a new school... again. Hah. This one I'm actually infatuated with. I love it. It's amazing. I've met so many new people, and I met a guy... This sounds so cliche, but from the moment I saw him, I knew he was looking at me-- I was looking at him too. A few days passed, and all we did was sniff each other's butt and see what was up...

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Flourescant Lights Shouldn't Attract Anything

So my parents announced to me a few days ago that they want me to get confirmed with the Catholic Church - flash to the pope prodding gay people with a trident - yeah, no. Obviously, I'm not too fond of getting confirmed into a church that doesn't support the option I reserve to spend the rest of my life with a man rather than a woman. Fuck bitches.

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Stiletto Pumps in Da Club

Wow, so I should definitely be doing homework and studying right about this time. Speaking of subjects this term... I love German. Second year of it, and I'm still crazy about it. I even get to go on this trip to Bavaria during my third year, though I'm not too crazy about that.

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Hm, so apparently we're studying the reformation in World History, and we got on the topic of the most liberal form of Prostantism-- err, the least ritualistic rather-- Quaker, Society of Friends, that stuff.

Anyone know much about this?

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Christmas Carol is Goddamn Heartwrenching

Wow, I can't believe how easily I can waste three months. Maybe I should be more careful with my time. Like the way I set up my schedule. Hm, I should sign up for ceramics AND drawing! I thought. See, I signed up for drawing and body conditioning originally because-- well -- I don't fucking know. Art is like my thing, so naturally I would sign up for at least one this year.

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When to Shut the Fuck Up

As of now, I can't be totally sure whether this applies to me or the loud, obnoxious lady that I had been talking to earlier today. Her name's Ms. Mandy of course. In any case, she happens to take her walks at about the exact time I take my dog out for his walk after I get home from another dreadful day of school, which by the way was especially so today.

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Connections = Win

I'm sure every once in a while you think about your future if you're still in school. I've always had some idea that my life was steered more towards fine arts, but I was and still am afraid that I'd never make it. Isn't there like some stupid 'crisis' going on in the artistic realm about not having enough people buying art?

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Calling All Oasisans!

Who like to talk over webcams!

I'm hosting a room on Stickam if anyone wants to join me. Webcam is not necessary; you can just come to talk.

Okay, so how you do this...

Go to:

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Anneurisms, Neuro-disorders and Migraines

So... In the next few paragraphs, words or sentences, I'm going to try to tel l you all how I feel.


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Hi, Oasis. I'm back just to say hi. I was scrolling through debates on gaia when I remembered those days back in Oasismag when I bitched about anarchy, communism, and all that jazz. Just wonderin' how everyone's doing!

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Margaret Cho

Man, Am I addicted to Margaret Cho! She is so god damn great! I love hearing from her about gay marriage and republicanism and conservatism. She keeps my attention. She's just so amazing. I want to send her a letter saying how much I love her acts. Here's a couple skits.

This one is one of her inspiration speeches...

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Number Them

I don't feel like typing out a bunch of shit, so here's a list of what's going on in my life...

1. I'm friends again with Eden. We got over our differences.

2. I'm getting to know so many knew people... and crushes.

3. I'm spending too much time on World of Warcraft.

4. I'm better at playing the trumpet than the second trumpet in Wind Ensemble, so I'm pissed about being 5th.

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Any German Speakers?

Hmm, I'm looking for people who speak German, because I'd like to talk every once in a while. I'm only in German Eins, so you don't have to be fluent or anything, just able to respond to something like: Was machst du?

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