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Lemmings are cool. I propose to anyone who says the word "lemmings", except relatives and JD (caricature of a caricature of a nerd, very homophobic, annoying laugh, didn't know who Billy Idol was)

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Narcissistic indulgences and updates.

My family's moving to Antofagasta, Chile in mid-July. It's in a rocky desert where 60 % of the houses are infested with spiders. Oh joy. One of my dad's bogus benifits is a membership in the yacht club. Too bad we don't own a yacht. Perhaps I could hijack one of the rowing boats at my school and attach a sail.
I could kidnap some rowers, too, so I'd have someone to talk to. Rowers' sexuality is weird. They have machoismo, but they also wear spandex and are sort of affectionate towards each other.

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Extreme Kindness and Genetic Programming

I have to do a presentation on Genetic Programming sometime next week, as well as write a character-in-setting on the frustratingly vague topic of "a passenger on a ferry", due the day I get back. I miss my old English teacher, Mr.C, possibly the coolest teacher on campus. Now I have an English hard-ass who drinks. Damn those high marks on the exam. The top set SUCKS
I also have to do stand-up for the school talent show, the single biggest event of the year. I enjoy working on that, as last time I did stand-up I killed , but it is incredibly hard to be funny with nothing but time, your expression and your lump of grey matter. Oh well.

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Reflective stuff, featuring names that are in-jokes

After a couple of intense impromptu debates, I went home to my boarding school, and my friends and I all sat down and talked for about an hour in the caf at dinner. Seated to my right was my debating partner, a particularly smart and interesting boy I shall call Nesterly. To my left was an incredibly hot bi chick with her chair slanted slightly towards me and her leg touching my ass. Across from me was Sidney, and beside her was No Ah.

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The Biggest Scare of My Life

I watched the Micheal Jackson special last night. I thought I could stomach Jacko's Wacko-ness. I had two expressions during the entire thing
1)Mouth agape
2)Mouth agape and screaming in horror
How that man is allowed to have children is beyond me. He has issues with children, and the scene where he was feeding "Blanket" was incredibly disturbing. Let's shake the kid uncontrollably while suffocating it with a veil like thing.

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Too many cliches, too many problems

Too many people stuck between rocks and hard places lately. And jumping from frying pans to fires. God, I wish I knew you people in real life. Then I could help you out and make out with the girls and have lots of zany, queer fun. But I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. Homophobic, no-gay-zone environment vs. lots of hot, hot girls with which to make out. Most of the kids seem okay with gays, but I'm worried about the Albertans and other gay bashers.

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