out if the 3, which one is your favorite author?

Julie Anne Peters
30% (16 votes)
David Levithan
11% (6 votes)
Billy Merrell
2% (1 vote)
i have no idea who you are talking about
57% (30 votes)
Total votes: 53
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about my school

god, just when i thought i was getting over Chloe, my teacher brings up the subject of Washington D.C. were
gonna go as a school, like over night. and we have to choose a partner. Chloe is screaming this other girl's
name, and asking her to be her partner. oh my god. i felt like crying right there. but i don't think i'm gonna go anyway.

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that night all i wanted was
your love
the certiany that you loved me.
you wouldn't let me kiss you
and confusion clouded my vision.
i turned to the side
to weep quitely
but you heard me
turned around to put
your arms around
i turned to burrow in
what i hoped was
then you let me kiss you,
but was it because you
felt bad for

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i long for the soft sweet lips of a woman
the soft touch that will make
me shiver for hours after
i long to whisper my deepest desires
into the ears of a woman
without the bristly stubs
of a man hurting my mouth.
i long for a woman
but i don't long for a man.

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we kissed
we touched
i loved you.
we held hands
behind our friends
when they wren't looking
you would kiss
the back of my hand
and i would shiver
with happiness.
i would stand on tip-toe
for a kiss
but you only shook your
head no
and now when i see you
in the hallway
all i can think about
is that time
when you shook your

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any one here that lives in Chicago???? and around the age 13????

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about my opinions...

i've found alot of really cool pins and stuff for my back pack. here's what they say:

*fuck your labels
*support the police; beat yourself up
*just becuase you can reproduce doesn't mean you should
*fuck censorship

i made the first one. like i saw the logo online, but i didn't want to buy it. i have a button maker, so
i cut the letters out of a newspaper and put it on neon green backround. and then i made a button out

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i was wondering

i was wondering...i've noticed in like CURVE and alot of lesbian books that they call themselves dyke
and all those names. why is that? i thought it was meant to be like a hurtful word to offend and stuff.
it sucks becuase i won't be able to write on this every day, cuz i have to do this in secret when my mom
and dad are out of the house. i do not know a single person at my school that is gay or bi. unless

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i wonder if i will ever find someone who thinks i'm special at all. i always thought i was this worthless
ugly girl who would never attract guys, much less girls. now i feel like shit. Chloe dumped me. i keep
on thinking of all the reasons why, and what did i do to make this happen. even when we were going out,
i realized we didn't go well togheter. shit, i gotta go. my mom is coming home soon, and she doesn't know

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ugh...my mom knows about me, like how i'm confused and everything. she keeps on saying, "your so young,
you don't have to decide. you have no exprience, your head is only full of books. you think your so smart,
just becuase you read all those books." yeah, i mean, i read alot of gay/bi/trans books, to sorta educate
myself. i mean, the school doesn't teach it, my parents won't, and my friends know just as much as i do.

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thank you, everybody, for welcoming me. oh my god, i have been feeling so deppressed lately, mostly because
of that one friend. i will call her....Chloe for now. i didn't even think i was gay or bi at all, until
Chloe. i mean, i always assumed i was straight, you know? it was expected of me. but then chloe made a move
at a sleepover, and then it sorta developed from there. and then she dumped me. and the funny thing is,

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um, hi everybody. i'm new to this community. i live in chicago, and i am unsure whether i am bi or gay.
my best friend dumped me, becuase she suddenly decides that she is not gay. i have been pretty
deppressed for the past couple of weeks, but i hope i will be able to get over it, move on,
and have a great relationship with someone i love. i am out to 5 people, not including my dad,
becuase i didn't tell him anything, although i think he knows. well, i hope i will get to meet

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