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well my wonderful friend, Ashley, has a kittie that had kittens on New Years! so ill, hopefully, be getting a new kitten within a few weeks! i cant wait lol.

which animal do you prefer as a pet

27% (12 votes)
56% (25 votes)
small animals (rabbits, gerbils, rats..)
4% (2 votes)
4% (2 votes)
4% (2 votes)
0% (0 votes)
4% (2 votes)
Total votes: 45
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single again..

so there was this girl that i really liked and we date for awhile; but she was younger than me and i dont know if that had anything to do with it but it was just not working. we made a really akward couple. so we broke up and then a little while later, i realized i still had feelings for her so we tried again but it still was working. so had a long discussion about it and i said i didnt think it was a good idea to try this anymore. i know she still lieks me though and makes comments about it sometimes. i wish we could have gotten to know each other better first.

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yay!! i'm soo happy, i now know for a fact that my friend gabby does like me; as a matter of fact we have been dating for about 2 weeks now. shes soo great, i really like her a lot. it kinda sux though cause shes not that open about it and we only get to see each other in school until next month..but yea i dont really care im just soo happy that i'm with her and i couldnt ask for a better gf : )

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~* Jonathan Davenport, we will miss you.*~

the shock and tears were spent on all the years; we miss you much. when life gets hard you can turn to somewhere new, i guess nobody told you. even though life was rough, you deserved the best; despite what others said we miss you now that you have left us. we wished you hadn't done it. sometimes people just don't know how much they affect each other; like all those tears we cried for you.

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finaly decided to come out

its been bugging me lately, not being able to tell my mom i'm a lesbian. i'm not that close with my mom but i am pretty close. i am an honost person and i don't really like keeping things from my mom. so today i wrote a letter to my mom and i'm going to give it to her after this weekend. im gonna wait till after this weekend because we are going camping and i dont want it to be too akward seeing how we are going to have to be confined to a small space.

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omg im soo happy right now!! i really like my friend Gabby and my friend just told me that she asked Gabby if she liked me and she said yes! im so excited, my friend told me that Gabby might even want to go out with me! i am so unbelievably happy right now lol : )

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singing the blues

when i fall from grace ill cut my wrists with a silver blade
and ill take my heart down with me. a heart that was never meant to be left out in the open for a stranger to steal. when i etch those words into my tomb they will read; a lover's lost inside of me and when she's found protect her from me.
i want you so bad that my heart aches for you and you have no freakin clue.
i sit and stare at you and you look back at me as a friend.

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i love you more than you will ever know

you are so beautiful.
everything about you makes me smile.
whenever you come near i get butterflies
then i think of all my broken attempts and tries.
i want you near me and by my side
i want to hold you and look into your eyes.
when you smile you make my world go round
but then i come back to reality and hit the ground.
you could never love me back.
could you ever love me back?
you make me happier than i have been since forever.

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Hi! My Name Is Stupid

this was an english project, but i still like it : )

Hi, my name is stupid.
I wake up
And cringe at the thought.
I go to school
And I’m put on the spot.
Questions questions everywhere
The answers I am nowhere near.
I cower in the corner
Away from the world.
Every now and then
They pick on me.
Then I wish I were sick
So I could leave.
Why do they always taunt me?
Students, peers

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i love you always

I Love You Always
You told me you loved me always…always until you die.
I remember our first years were wonderful.
I never got tired of Waking up next to you.
A few years had passed and we had some problems.
I said I wanted more to life and you just nodded your head and said I love you always.
I went away for days at a time and when I came back with my bloody eyes…you just wrapped me in your arms and said, I love you always.

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well i've had an interesting day (and night)

so yesterday my friend did my tarot card reading and discovered much to my suprise (not)...im a lesbian. then it said that i might have sex with someone soon and get pregnant (so obviously that person would be a guy) it also said that i might be in a new relationship soon. well it just so happens that i really like my friend (who is a girl) so last night i told my ex b/f that i thought i was a lesbian and we got in a fight. well the fight was resolved and now apparently we are friends with benefits; and i'm going camping with him this weekend and we want to get drunk. we also kinda thought about having sex too, and it's things like this that make me question if i am a lesbian or not. (i really think i am, i think i just want to try it) i also talked to my friend today and i'm not sure but i think that she knows i like her. i really don't know what to do anymore..i just wanna give up! all my friends are like who cares? but i do! i mean this is a huge part of who i am; and it will continue to affect who i am for the rest of my life. i need to know. well anyways, i really like this friend of mine and i want to go out with her but i don't want to jump into something and have it end badly; but at the same time im afraid that she doesnt like me like that at all and we will never go out. so now we have a class together and another 1 of my ex b/fs sits right next to me, as of today; akward much? so as usually my life is very complicated and i am confused as hell..o well, as long as i get to still be friend with that person im ok with that.(its better than nothing at all)

who is your favorite lesbian?

ellen degenerous(comedian)
58% (40 votes)
melissa etheridge(singer)
14% (10 votes)
rosie o'donnell(comedian/actress)
3% (2 votes)
sara gilbert(actress, played on roseanne)
3% (2 votes)
22% (15 votes)
Total votes: 69
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who am i?

i am sitting here all alone; waiting for my ride home. i stare out the window and wonder, day to day. how could i let the hands of time slip away. wasting time, procrastinating. why do i need your aproval? why should i care? i'm sick of dying; living like a dare. everyday i wake up, i hope i don't cause a shake up. too afraid to love, but to afraid to die of a broken heart. so i sit in my room all alone, waiting for the perfect time.

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ok, well i'm kinda confused about some of the gay rights. i am from connecticut (US) as far as i know gay marriages aren't legal in connecticut; but gay couples are aloud to adopt in connecticut. where's the sense in that? then it says that often times gay couples are denied adoption (rather than individuals) because they are required to be married. ok, so they won't let gay couples get married in connecticut, but they will allow them to adopt, then they say that you must be legally married to adopt....wth??

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