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slept over my friends house. it was the most fun i've ever had a sleep
over but i'm not going into major detail cuz i'm lazy and no one will read
it if i do.
the jist:
music, dancing like retards, hot cocoa, camera, lollypops, walking around
the neighboorhood, head banging, beating eachother up, "I'm Gonna Git
You Sucka"...(really weird movie), Me & My Chapstick=Napoleon Dynomite,
Cookies, Brownies, Jesah, etc. there are so many things i

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lonely, cold, feel like a failure

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where is the silver lining?!?

ok so my best friend in the whole wide world is moving to Florida in
four months when school ends, They guy i like doesnt even like me, I had
gym class Friday and stayed home today and i'm stillll in pain...yea
thats how outta shape i am, i can harldly sit up my stomach muscles died. its
weird. and i'm always lonely. people that i thought i could be good friends
with just seem like they dont care anymore. and yea....i need to find a

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home from skool

home from skool for the millionth time this month. its pretty nifty
actually. not having to do anything. but my friends always get mad
at me when i dont go. well not really mad but like jokingly mad....
but yea. i kinda dont like staying home tho. i just asked out of the
blue if i could stay home and then made up a lameass excuse that was
semi-true and my mom said yes. i really didnt expect her too cuz she

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so yea this weekend i hung out with my friend jess. it was mad amounts
of fun! the first day we just went to the park and then got candy and
like blahhhness. but then the next day we spent like 1/2 the day at the
park again and i acutally jumped off a swing for the first time in my
life. it was fun...i was missin out lol.

oh but the night b4 i had this dream that i was making out with this

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hardcore sad song

yea idk theres really no point
to this but i the song
♥"What hurts the most" by
Racal Flatts♥ makes me want
to cry...its so sad/cute
i love it. but yea

they're the only country music i like

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why do my friends that are girls feel the need to talk about
how they could never like a girl?
they're like "it would be weird to like a girl. i mean i dont
care if other people do but i could never." and i have to subtley
change the topic and avoid agreeing with them. sometimes i just
laff like i dont know wuts going on cuz i do that a lot so they
wont second guess it. i dont think i've ever once said the words

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accourd to me

yea i think i'm gonna tell my best friend that i'm bi
next time we talk in person.
shes lives in boston...
i live in plymouth. so we
dont really see eachother much.
but yea. i think i should just
tell her.
cause she always said "friends
dont keep thing from eachother".
so yea...

buuutt she also said
"i think u were bi i would
freak out cause we've slept in
the same bed together."

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suyfdgsydf BAHAHAA aka talk to meeee

we're just a wet dream for the webzine!
make us it
make us hip
make us scence
Or shrug us off ur shoulders
dont approve a single word
we wwwwrrrrroooottteeeee!!

auiwhdiusaihduhsghbUW BAAAHAHAHAHAHAA

i just made a video of myself with
my camera. i was singing that song
it was MAD FUNNY!!
now i dont know wut to do with myselfff

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just a question

do u think it would be stupid to ask the person you like to a
dance if they just got broken up with and they're wicked sad
about it?

cuz yea. i like this guy and i liked him b4 he had a gf
and we're friends and everything but i dont know if he
would go to it with me because hes so broken hearted.
he told me that he hasnt eaten seice wednesday. it made
me worry. and whenever hes sad i'm sad. i dont even know

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rather odd....for me anyways

well last night i was thinking about how i might not be failing
english anymore and then i was thinking of this one assignment i
never i did. It was to write and essay on "What is love?" and i
was gonna do it but i never did. and then i was thinking about
how i would've worded it. thats wut i do. i outline essays in
my head before i write them. and then i just couldnt get my mind
off so i got up and it was like 11...and i wrote an essay that i

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ideas anyone?

soo yea its 12:30 i should be sleeping
i have school tomorrow.
does anyone have any ideas on how i could
get my mom to let me stay home. i hate school
so much that was comtemplating breaking my own
finger but i think thats too painful. and well
i've run out of idea for faking sick. any ideas?

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i feel loserish

i have honestly no idea idea why. but right now i just feel like a huge
loser and that if i did happen to die ppl would be sad for like a week and
they would just forget about me. besides, i never go anywhere cuz usually
i cant only cuz my parents are never home to drive me places but i do
get invited out. and yea another stupid thing is that i never talk to most
of my friends outside school. like on xmas vaca. i only actually hung out

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i wish i could drive...

yea well i had plans tonight and it was gonna be mad amounts of fun but my
parents decided to be fucking losers and not drive me to the mall. After the
mall i was gonna go to my friends house and sleep over. when me and my
friends get together its crazy. i was looking forward to it but i'm still so
FUCKING pissed at my parents. its stupid i wish i could just drive already
but NO! grrrrrrness! wut do they expect me to. i dont have a car they should

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*shivers* report cards

crap! report cards come out soon at my skool. i thought i was doing
good but i managed to fucking start slipping again and not doing Hw.
it sucks cuz for my parents school is a big deal. i get it but i also
get easily distracted and when i have every intention of doing my hw
i always start doing something else that makes me forget about it. and
i dont even know if they'll believe me that i forget even tho its 100%

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