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With my recent journey through selfdiscovery, I have selfdiscovered a bad habit.
I went for a walk today to the park down the street from my house and spent like
almost 2 hours there. It would have been longer but the batteries in my mp3
player died. My bad habit: smoking.
I really dislike smoking but lately it seems like my only friend. It's always
there for me when I need it, doesn't criticize me for who I am, and hell it

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arguing with myself

Have you ever had one of those days, well in my case weeks to months, where
there's one topic that's been making you bang your head against the wall
so hard you wish you could physically get yourself to do it just so you can
make it stop? And yes, you probably are as confused as I am with that statement.
I've had what you could possibly consider an epiphany with recently figuring
out what my sexuality is. They say that "you've always known" that you're gay.

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