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Taking a risk...well for

Today I got my ears pierced! That's a big deal for me, I hate needles and ugh just the thought of the doctors gives me chills. I'm so happy/ mom couldn't believe it when I asked her if I could. It took me like 5 minutes of going "wait, wait, just one sec i have to prepare myself..haha I know i'm such a chicken. Yea!!!! :-D

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What a fun night.....

Last night I went out with a couple of friends, we just saw a movie and walked around and went to like borders. Two slept over. We decided to take pictures with my digital camera for fun. We were doing "modeling" poses and "scary posses" sounds stupid but it was really funny. Then we are joking around and both my friends decide to take pictures of them selves with out a top on...with pillows blocking there boobs, of course..haha...we were joking that they could be a porn star..what's funny is that was kinda tru...we were laughing histerical cuz the pictures were so good.

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Oh how some people are clueless

Today was a normal day...just go to class eat lunch and then go to class again..woo. but at lunch somehow two of my friends (who don't know i'm bi) start saying "your gay" "no, you are" "that chair is gay" and stupid stuff like that..i know..the amusement of 15 year olds..isn't it great? Any way, all of a sudden they point to me and are like "Jen's gay" My friend (that knows about me) and I just started cracking up. Everyone thought we were crazy but we thought it was funny how they were clueless in the truth of what they had just said....

Do you "pleasure" yourself?

Hell toys are my best friend
17% (6 votes)
Yea..doesn't everybody?
60% (21 votes)
20% (7 votes)
I've thought about it
3% (1 vote)
Ewww, NO!
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 35
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Funny As Hell with bff

OMG, the funniest thing happen to me like 5 minutes ago. I'm with my best friend Jess and we were looking through my sister's clothes (she is away at college) and what do we find in the bottom of her drawer....a dildo...hahahahah...we were laughing our asses off...omg that's the funniest thing in the world. Cuz my sister is miss perfect student who always does well...oh do i have something against her...haha i just can't get over this. LMAO

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Bored..with my love life

I've recently came out to a few friends that i'm bi, ya for me....but now it's just like ok. I've never been in a girl/girl relationship...but I want to. I don't even know anyone that's bi/gay at my school. I need someone! Which totally sounds desperate...and probably is..but still can't a girl want somebody....where do I find other girls like me? I went to GSA, but didn't say that i was bi, they didn't ask. So ya...haha...need some lovin. Help!

How Many Homosexuals are democratic?

All of them, I mean come on, Bush as one of our spokes persons?
10% (4 votes)
Most are, I am
55% (23 votes)
I don't know
29% (12 votes)
I'm republican, and that's an offensive question
2% (1 vote)
Not many, go republicans!
5% (2 votes)
Total votes: 42
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Fun Times For Me ; )

Today my school's tennis team won the first round of we are going to Hershy, Pa..sweet. What is sweeter than that you may ask? Well everyone has a roommate from the team and my roommate is my good friend...and crush!! Yes! I'm floating on cloud 9, haha, this day couldn't get better,
hmm...actually if angelina jolie or clea duvall were at my door steps..that would be better...haha

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Emotional Day.....

So today was my best friend's mom's was so sad. I was really friendly with her whole family and to see that casket was terrible. Nobody should have to burry their mom at the age of 15 it's sucks that this is where i was today. My friend doesn't show to much emotion I can only imagine what she is feeling inside.
On other news...
I decided to see how my mom felt about being gay...tried to slip it into conversatoin. I casually say "I'm thinking of joining GSA because we know some people that are" (of course leaving out the key reason why i was) What is her reaction you might ask? "OY, Jen, don't join GSA people will think u are gay, oy don't do it ok, just don't no."

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Worst Timing Ever

So, i told my good friends that i was bi, they took it well, actually really well except for one(ish) and that just happens to be my best friend..she said that she doesn't care but doesn't understand why i'd want to be bi..w/e what is that supposed to mean? But of course i have to give her this troubling news at the worst period of her life. I feel terrible because her mom past away the day afte

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