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[I call today's topic bootylicious because of a comedy routine]

Today was an interesting day. I have a secret but I can't tell
you because of the people watching look for it tomorrow and
remind me if you can.

I started this morning by waking up late because I forgot to
reset my alarm for 5:30 because I turn it off during the
weekend. But even though I woke up late, I still had enough
time to get ready, listen to Alanis Morissette, and work

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Didn't have time...

Hello. Today's journal entry is for yesterday (November 3, 2005)
because I didn't get a chance to go on yesterday and I probably
won't until next monday because this is one of the only times
I get to go on until next Monday. But about yesterday...

Yesterday was actually one of those days that make you feel good.
You know. The days that feel like nothing could bring you down.
Not much happened between 1st and 2nd period but 3rd period, my

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Halloween Nightmare

Hello. I know I'm 2 days late but I figure I would tell you
about my halloween this year. For the past 3 years, my family
have ignored the trick-o-treaters by turning off all of our
lights, turning on oil lamps, and playing "Uno" for fun. This
year was kind of difficult though because my mom and my step-
father got into an argument over cheating in cards. That's
because my step-father kept trying to play multiple cards that

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Princes Familiar

Today was an okay day today. Nothing much happened. But yesterday, I
got a brand new Alanis Morissette CD. It was called MTV Unplugged. It's a
live CD but it still sounds really good. And what makes me feel best is the
fact that she doesn't use sound enhancements to make her sound better.
She makes her voice "clearer" with sound enhancements. But the reason
why I call this journal entry "Princes Familiar" because that is the name

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I hate you for everything you are,
If you were drowning, I would be there with a glass of water,
And if you were shot, I'd treat you with salt and another bullethole,
And when you cry, I wuold kick you when you'd be down,
And for all your verbal daggers, I'd stab you with a real one,
And in case you don't see what I'm saying, I'll tell you again,
I hate with the hole in my heart and the insu

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Following My Intro...

I came back and my friends are next to me!! n_n
I'll tell you a little about myself. I am gay and lonely. Never had a lover
ever but I am pretty sure that that is what I am. It's a feeling.
I hope that I will get to know you all.

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Hello! I know nobody here so I figure I'll start with an introduction.
My name is Greg and I live in Central NY. I am a sophomore and everything is
okay but people scare me. There are people near me so I'm not going to say
much. See you later today! [10-25-2005]

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