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This is a confession


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We can dance


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I suspected we began at the wrong end

What's the meaning of a number?
I won't be 18 anymore.

1. 2010. The only year I haven't dated someone and loved them.
2. 2010. My first year of university - doing completely different subjects than high school.
3. 2010. Joined the gym
4. 2010. The year which my dog left.
5. 2010. First one-night-stand.
6. 2010. The year which I made the best friends ever.
7. 2010. Almost a decade living away from my parents.
8. 2010. The year when I stopped growing taller (maybe/finally).
9. 2010. The year I -started- and -quit- smoking.
10. 2010. Financial independence.

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He was unbuttoning my shirt
he gave me a cigarette
he reached down my pants
at the club
and asked "can we go"

and I said, I've got to talk to my ex boyfriend
I said I liked his hair
it reminds me of my ex girlfriend
he looked sad
maybe jealous

he's a dancer
he was hot
jesus i was so drunk
i fucked up mannnnn

oh yeah, some guy with a scarf on the bus talked to me. he offered me a cookie. right

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Stupid people are everywhere
They make me angry
Actually I feel sorry for them

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I'm your biggest fan I follow you until you love me.
I've decided what to do for new years! I'm going to Melbourne! That shit is going down man. I'm going with J, M, and A. We've all made a pact, we're all going to look super good for the beach by then.

J and I are going gym three times a week. I'm making good progress. M and A are taking up zumba and stretch classes. Oh my God, I can't wait. I burnt over 600 calories on cardio alone today. I also ordered some protein supplements... saves money from buying meat and shakes.

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Just watched Dekalog, have to say these are some of the most intense 'short films' ever. Fuck they're morbid... and depressing. I can't even sleep now. They're 10 short films, one each corresponding to the ten commandments. I don't think they have an explicit agenda, although the themes seem so complex... my interpretations of them... I don't even want to start.

Better than most films I've watched I would say. They're art films, I wouldn't say noir, but emotionally draining. God if you want to die metaphorically for a while, you should watch it on youtube.

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Vanity Progress, happy

I got a haircut. The fringe is gone and I look mega young right now! I passed for a 21 the other night but now I probably look just 18? Hair makes such a big difference.

I had a good weekend! It was a feel good one definitely!

Friday was Jess's birthday. That was the night when I decided not to drink or smoke so much. It was still fun though. I had to look after F though! So many guys were keen on her man. She's such a tease. She was unbuttoning this guy in the backseat (with me there) even though she doesn't even like him that way. I understand though, the attention must feel good.

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I love my friends

I had so much fun tonight.
And it's different.

Because I wasn't trying or getting with boys.
I saw so many lovely people and they do love me.
I met more lovely people.
I was also more sober than drunk! That's something new!
And I only had two cigarettes. I gave the rest away. I'm going to try and reduce.
And I was home by four?! I'm a good boy.

F and me and L are going to have a threesome. Pinky promised.
But not really. Really.

I don't need boys. I just need my awesome friends. At least for now. At least for now.

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A day that went downhill

Time really just flies.
I had an okay day.

I had a great day to start with. I hung out with F, she's one of my best friends. She likes to tell people she's my girlfriend, which confuses a lot of people, considering we're in a 'complicated relationship' and... I'm 'gay'. But It's not official unless it's facebok official right? Anyway we got coffee, chatted about everything and nothing, boys, then we bought our coursebooks... and then we ate like three mc chickens each. I don't see how she doesn't get fat, but neither do I. It's great.

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The Illuminati Boy

An acquaintance I know is going a bit crazy.
He's a good guy, but he's left already. He's not studying, he's moving away from the city, not working, just getting benefit from the government. He moved to a small town now... I'm a little unsure where he's going after, but from his facebook statuses it seems he's not coming back - he's searching for the illuminati or something.

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ya k

time goes by so fast when you're tired

tired... tired...

english looked fun today
new law class was a piece of shite. at least i know heaps of people in it.

taking five papers this semester... just for fun. I'll be v busy!

phil - human nature
phil - freedom and rights
eng - sonnets/comics (i'll be analysing dr seuss and lolita! the reading list is awesome)
pol - foundations of western law
law - legal method (FUCK OFF)

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Just got back from town. No I am not sleepin with anyone. Why did I get Skylar's number. He kissed me. Once, twice. I don't know he wanted me to stay I fucked that up. Fuck that he's all madeup. Whatever, my heart is somewher else. Somewhere not here, if I can find it.

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iCch spreche deutsch

ich haette lust, du zu sehen!!!!

jajaja ima kara nigongo wo hanashitemoii desuka??!?

wo bu huei jian chung wen


wa e heoa gong dai yi

aber ich kann nicht deustch sprechen!!!

warum der jung und mann sehr heiss!!!!!


o si gong po tong wa!!!



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