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Cutest boy ever says "if i was single I would fully be into you x - Tristan"

Man I love him. If only he was single, we were dancing together for so long. I talked to him at the bar and being the dorky me I spilt my drink while moving to him. He just smiled. He's blonde with brown eyes. We had a good chat. I don't know what he sees in me, but it doesn't matter because he's taken anyway.

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Little piece of ground

he loves me

i feel bad

i don't want to love him too

i like the attention
he's nice
but i get annoyed when they always want to hang out
why can't they just hang when I want to hang

i felt bad cause we were supposed to meet up
he was going to come back to mine
but I said nah

he was upset
why am I upset too?

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Business Consulting Competition

We won today and qualified for the semifinals! Whee. I applied for development squad too. Hopefully I'll get in. Our case today we had to consult for some ice cream company. Better than last time when we had to read about wheelchairs for three hours...

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Marks for Philosophy Assignment

Just got my philosophy assignment back, I got A+ !

It was scaled and ranked according to everyone's marks, so anything above 85/100 for this paper is an A+ (which means it's pretty hard). I GOT 91/100. Class average is 70. I PILLAGED.


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Nice 'gay'-dinner, date with Daniel, whatever

Jonathon organised a nice dinner outing for me last night (it's 5am, just got home). I always go straight clubbing with him, so he decided to book and go to a classy gay-friendly restuarant with me. All the waiters were gay. Apparently we looked like a couple.

It was funny cause he seemed like the gay one. He's very health conscious and had a long discussion about the menu with the hilariously-over-the-top-gay waiter. I ordered beer.

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Why do I have compulsive urges to go out everytime I'm invited? And if I don't I feel annoyed? It's like I can't say no. I'm sick, I'm tired, I need a rest from last night, spent the day training for a consulting competition (2pm - 7pm)... and friend just texted me at 10pm asking me to go into town - and I know I shouldn't - yet I feel this uncontrollable urge to. It's like if I know something is going on I have to be there. No. I can't go. I spent too much money last night already. I was up the whole night last night...

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Foam Party

Just got back from a foam party. Crazy shit man. I've never had so many weird things happen in one night.

First thing. So my ex was there. He wants to make me jealous because I dumped him after I knew he cheated. I know this because for a whole year he kept 'trying' to crash the parties I'm at just to do that. I know, how petty.

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I'm not perfect

I went on a 'date' with Dan, the guy from my english class. I also went on a date with Tony the day after. But I never really wanted anything serious. I just wanted to have fun.

It's the holidays, and I haven't been able to for a while. I go through such extremes in my life. Before the break I was studying my ass off. I didn't party. I didn't drink. I didn't want attachment, relationship, boys, whatever.

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Holiday - and a date

Had a lil reunion tonight with some friends and my favourite english teacher.

JK came back from melbourne to visit, so that was awesome too.

And have a date on Tuesday. It'll Probably make me less bored (I actually have so much to do this holiday though).

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The debate was win!

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I just got invited by my university's debating society to do an impromptu and comedic debate in front of possibly 600 of its members. They wanted a first year to be part of it, and they said I was the 'ideal' person lol


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I feel satisfied right now. I feel purposeful, or at least a bit relaxed knowing I've done a good proportion of my reading and my assignment. My mentor/tutor at university was impressed with my draft, so I'm hoping it's going to get a good mark. Of course, there's still a lot to read - I did five hours of reading before (law and engish) - I just got home.

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Just finished writing my philosophy assignment.... trying to squeeze it under the word limit! DAMNIT!

It's epic though. I hope I get a good grade

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Debating was okay. There were three rounds. I got through to the second. Not surprisingly, the qualified teams were all the executives. And I lied, it was three minutes prep (extreme impromptu) and six minute speeches (not five minutes prep). The first topic was about lifting the ban on international whaling - my team was affirming. The second was about reinstating the youth minimum wage - again affirming. It was pretty intense. And yes everyone was hard core high level law students besides like six of us.

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The guy-I-like hugged me from behind today. Like snuck up behind me and put-his-arms-around-my-neck-leaning-on-me kind of hug. It was nice. But I'm trying to set him up with this girl friend of mine. Yes he's straight.

I realise Macintosh computers have nicer webcams. Somehow they make my face look photoshopped.

I really need to get my drivers licence.

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