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Got a shirt that says "Gone to my happy place... back in ten minutes".

Love it.

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So it's a few hours past midnight. I thought I'd go for a run, I almost did but then I refrained myself. I wanted to feel the breeze brushing against my face, traversing down the gentle slope of my street, and listening to the stillness of the night. But it's late. It's dark. And it's not safe. I know of people who have been jumped in the park near my house. But somehow the risk of it all excited me. It made me want to do it even more.

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Merry Christmas Everyone!

Just because my timezone is like 12 hours ahead of everybody's...

Have a good one! I should go to bed now otherwise Santa won't come

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Maybe yes maybe no

I think I might like him.

He's so nice.

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Sucks ass

I can't sleep.

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Date, Party, Boys, Call it Whatever

Just went on date with a thirty-two year old. He's well built, but I have to admit hs face looked far better under dim light when I met him at the bar. Maybe that's why people always look a lot more attractive in town. He's a lawyer AND a doctor. We watched Avatar in 3D. He kept playing with my hand and arm... I didn't reciprocate much. I wasn't very interested to be honest. He's lame. The best thing today was probably the movie. He tried to take me back to his house but I made up some stupid excuse... I hope he sees I'm not too interested.

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I need a miracle

Life is bland.

I want something epic to happen.
I'm being so very selfish. I have so much in my life.

- I'm very social
- I party too much
- I'm very articulate
- "Everyone loves you Max" - quote Everybody
- I'm respected by people at school
- I was a prefect at a top NZ school (good on CV for the future)
- Little kids run after me at school
- I have way too many groups of friends
- They can be anyone. Jocks, emo, popular, preppy, punk, asian, posh, sweet, shy, nerds, stoners whatever you name it. Sorry for stereotyping. But you know what I mean. I don't even know how I do it

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i hate decisions

um im so indecisive

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friend wanted more people to go to her party
it's tonight

so i sent out invites last minute yesterday on facebook to half my fb friends, hoping people don't check it that late and only like less than a quarter wil turn up

but quite a few rsvped and the word's spreading and they all think it's my party lol... (friend won't mind we'll laugh it off... she's real close anyway) and from reading the comments on fb it sounds like there'll be HEAPS of people lol. like people are runnin numbers and getin their mates to come as wel

ummm she did say she wants lots of people

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Opening up

Time to humanise myself a little bit.

Even though I give advice here more than I post journal entries, and seem to be detached and as insightful as I can, I am not without the turbulence of any teen that has recently been launched into adulthood.

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town, dinner and ceroc dancing

Um, so I'm sufficiently drunk take a journal entry

Went to town today
there was for a birthday dinner
Also did some ceroc dancing. I'm gettin there. actually im shit

Afterwards they all went back to the birthday girl's place
I didn't feel like going too tired and having a big night tomorrow

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Tomoro I'm going to Waiheke Island for two days
and try and get a tan on the beach

so many things i wana do this holiday
i also wana get more fit (run half an hour every day... I stopped during exams... i started again today i need to continue)
friend wants me to take up kick boxing lol... no way. i'll die. he's real fit tho his coach is givin him a fight soon he wants me to go watch i prob wil and il see what it's like

oh and i wana take up ballroom dancing
and take up singing lessons to improve my technique (and just get better!)

many many things

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Graduation Dinner and Crush Crush Crush

Just had our last final ever high school function. Graduation dinner was awesome. I got a high school graduation certificate with honours, the best there is to get, and possibly the most outstanding testimonial written by my teachers. Not only am I described as a "young man of the highest calibre", I'm also "highly spoken of", "an excellent public speaker", "talented musician", "humorous", "a popular student with amazing interpersonal skills with his peers and teachers", "conscientious, engaging and inquiring", "exhibits leadership and teamwork with great ethic and service"... and more.

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Father Here in Aotearoa

Dad arrived this morning. I can't stand parents. Fuck.
Well, I don't really want to waste my time writing more because most people don't care anyway. So I'm going do something else now.


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Two Things

Hate clingy friends

And hate not being able to go out when I want to

Which equals clingy friends guilt tripping me and me fucked off

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