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School Ball

Now it's all over...
It was an epic night, totally didn't want it to end.

Not enough time to dance, to take photos, to talk to everyone, to enjoy the music, not even enough time to enjoy the nice food.

That was my last high school ball and I can't believe it's over.

I wore a white suit (for your info), and I loved it! Now there's so much smudge marks from the foundation after hugging people lol... It was also nice to see teachers all dressed up.

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Caught the flu the day just before the ball!

Damnit! Oh well. And so much work I'm meant to do this weekend. I'll just forget all of that for tomorrow... Sunday will be a bitch.

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House Choir... Outcome


We won!
Although it's only a school competition, we bet the three other houses! WE WON!

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House Music

'Don't go breaking my heart'

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Model United Nations

Our team won the Model United Nations of Auckland 2009!

I'm so happy and proud of myself. People stood up and applauded because every single speech we did was hilarious. And it wasn't just hilarious, it was witty humour, good delivery and excellent acting. And I wrote them all and delivered most of them, half of them written like 20 minutes before speaking lol. And we roleplayed really well as well. I really need to work on my Mexican accent though, it kept switching from Indian to Mexican - but New Zealanders don't know any better lol.

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Becoming more and more frequent

Broke down again at school today. Happened after school during scholarship chemistry. Got shit results for two tests during the day, and everything was just turning to shit, and more work tomorrow and such. Gosh, these breakdowns are more frequent and so out of the blue. Just too stressed and I hate it when it happens - and hate when people ask all these questions. Just want to be left the fuck alone. Because they don't understand. No one fucking understands, because they're so stressed out themselves as well. They'll just put put me in a box just like they have been doing.

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Had small drinks on a friend's boat last night (yes, we are spoiled brats)... and this supposedly 'straight' guy got really drunk and kissed me twice! But then he kissed two girls too, so he was just really drunk lol.

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For all of you oblivious people, guess what - it's Queen's Birthday weekend in New Zealand. That means I get tomorrow (Friday) and the weekend and Monday off. SO EPIC. YEAH.

That's why there's a party on tonight. Just got home... It was in town, my mate she rented a whole club and it was pretty crazy! Danced till I dropped... gawd I'm so tired right now. Had so much fun! Raving, talking, screaming, ranting and talking about nothing and everything...

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Although it might sound like an ego boost more than anything, which is definitely not my intention, I'm sick of chicks falling for me instead of guys.

On the weekend when I go to parties, I get to meet all these people. And half of them tends to be whipped bitches, some drunk, some easy, some sleezy, and given those preconditions it's not hard for them to fall for me. Point is, while it's flattering knowing someone likes me, it is also disheartening every single time to know it's a girl and not a guy.

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Things and Thoughts

Sup guys.

It's the weekend... let's all agree that weekends are awesome. Hope everyone's having a great time... doing whatever they like or don't like, partying or sleeping or eating or finally feeding their dog.

I have to get a haircut tomorrow, got told off at school. I hope it looks nice. I really want to keep my fringe. I want to keep it for the ball.

Got my suit sorted for the ball. That took the whole afternoon. It's a white suit - I got a waistcoat too. It looks pretty good. Hung out with my date's nana, by golly she's funny.

More updates on the ball closer to it.

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Breakdown at School

Just a cry for help. A soliloquy for everybody and nobody.

School and work has just been a bit hectic lately.

Grades have not been the best (and I mean the best, which is what I want and have been capable of).

And all my friends seem all so stressed, no one to turn to. Yet, some people stress for the tiniest of reasons.

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Singing, sleeping, mooting, eating, filming, breathing, studying

Sang for four hours each day in the weekend for choir.

Two big tests tomorrow.

Then after school a four hour drive and back to attend a mooting competition in Hamilton.

AND still preparing for this mooting competition tonight.

AND still studying for the tests tomorrow.

Have to be up early before seven for mooting practice.

Then on Tuesday, have to be up early to act in friend's media film.

And do an impromptu debate that night.

Then on Wednesday, have to lead the bloody House Choir, and rehearse with the House Band.

Had lots of KFC today.

That was good.

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Soliloquy for a Saturday Night


Don't you dare.

Don't you dare take this at face value.

Don't you ever ever put me in a box.

Lonely but not lonely.

Wanting more and more.

Simply just want everything.

Don't take something for granted.

Don't want to be in denial.

Oh, don't tell me any of those inferred, judgemental or pitying thoughts.

Want someone but don't.

Everything is full of contradictions.

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Won't say much.

Just had a really shit day. Definitely not a feel-good day, not at all. The direct complete opposite.

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