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Asian men aren't as attractive


Sometimes I feel like those people in the video...

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So Tired!


Where to start?

School is so frickin busy.

Kentoris auditions yesterday... that was okay. Just went on for ages. Me and my friends bought a whole roast chicken and ate it at school for dinner because it went on for THAT long. (The chicken was delicious though)


Swimming sports (tiring), volleyball training (extra tiring and mild rashes)... then buying fifty fucking buckets from the warehouse and carrying them home on the bus- that was a fucking workout and a half. Even holding a fucking fork for dinner feels heavy.

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Thoughts on school starting-

School officially started today!

Real tired, almost fell asleep on the bus. And that hurts because my contacts dry out. So how do I feel about being Year 13?

YEAR 13? Read that? Far out, last year of school! The oldest students of the school... I almost expected something magical to happen - but it felt the pretty much the same.

Recount of my new classes-

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How do I find love in this big city?

First off, Auckland is NOT big, but I feel so small and I'm just another guy - who happens to love other boys, yet so unable to realise these affections he has.

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Fucking boys, so fucking confusing!

Why play this silly game? WHY? So hard to get

And all those easy to get, drunk slutty girls at parties - how am I supposed to compete with that?



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The Perfect Imperfection

The Perfect Imperfection

Remember that time
Said I am perfect just the way I am

I don’t need a lip piercing
I kiss perfectly already with that special touch

I don’t need to spike or dye my hair
You like it straight, soft and silky

I don’t need contacts
Glasses define my big brown eyes

I don’t need to look nice
I already do

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No More Recycling

Not your type of recycling, but I'm sick of recycled boyfriends.

A small group of us gay boys know each other, and we've pretty much gone out and reuse and recycled each other... and that sounds disgusting but it's true. Love triangle? More like a love megafuckingoctadecanonagon.

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Taiwan and Dutch Boys

Dear Oasisians

First I would just like to say I miss you all, it's been quite a while. I hope everyone's having a splendid holiday.

As for me, mine's ending soon - but there's things to rejoice about anyway.

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Updates about trivial matters

So I've been on holiday for a few weeks, it's been great! I've made sure I've filled almost every single day with something to do, whether it be the beach, a picnic, a movie night watching poorly made ninja movies, drinks, hanging in town, movies, reading books and so on... I like it that I'm doing something and not wasting away. It makes me feel happy.

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Boy Trouble

Man, this guy confuses me so much

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Today is the last day of the year...

I kind of like school, I'll miss all my friends over the holidays.

I'll miss the teachers too, some of them are just totally amazing.

We had lots of shared lunches today, I feel like a fatty.

I need to stop being ridiculously caffeinated!

National exams are coming up, need to start studying...


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Election Results

Really angry about New Zealand election results right now.

Suffering from induced insomnia- need to be left alone right now.

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Hungry like a Pirhana

I'm listening Mora by Sonny Moore.

Here's a little update-

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Probably the most annoying thing ever

I've been having this flu for two weeks

It got better until tonight when it got incredibly horrendous

I sound like I have a voicebox

My brain has ground to a halt
(I can't think properly, and man - robbing me of that is just so horrible)

My breathing reminds me of the devil

My stomach feels worse with every coughing fit

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Lord of the Rings adaptation

Out of total rambling nonsense with bulldyke, it inspired me... -


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