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Updates about trivial matters

So I've been on holiday for a few weeks, it's been great! I've made sure I've filled almost every single day with something to do, whether it be the beach, a picnic, a movie night watching poorly made ninja movies, drinks, hanging in town, movies, reading books and so on... I like it that I'm doing something and not wasting away. It makes me feel happy.

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Boy Trouble

Man, this guy confuses me so much

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Today is the last day of the year...

I kind of like school, I'll miss all my friends over the holidays.

I'll miss the teachers too, some of them are just totally amazing.

We had lots of shared lunches today, I feel like a fatty.

I need to stop being ridiculously caffeinated!

National exams are coming up, need to start studying...


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Election Results

Really angry about New Zealand election results right now.

Suffering from induced insomnia- need to be left alone right now.

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Hungry like a Pirhana

I'm listening Mora by Sonny Moore.

Here's a little update-

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Probably the most annoying thing ever

I've been having this flu for two weeks

It got better until tonight when it got incredibly horrendous

I sound like I have a voicebox

My brain has ground to a halt
(I can't think properly, and man - robbing me of that is just so horrible)

My breathing reminds me of the devil

My stomach feels worse with every coughing fit

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Lord of the Rings adaptation

Out of total rambling nonsense with bulldyke, it inspired me... -


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My friend P is so lost. She's sooo socially inappropriate... Gawd, I love her!

She told me she went to Church the other day and didn't really know anyone there. There were two well-behaved chicks that beckoned her over to talk. Apparently, it got really awkward and no one was talking... so she decided to break the ice.


P: So guys, have you seen that new movie "Water"?

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I'm so lost right now

Such a lost kunt

what's goin on

met lots of Ellen's mates tonight

it's 1am

that party was awesome

they're introducing me to one of their gay mates

gawd i'm so lost

where am i

i think vodka is victorious at last

right laters bro

love you guys, just thought i'd give this little update

peace out

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Dum di dum

Let's see

So I decided to go to Rory's party last night instead of fireworks at Alex's (Friday). About 50 people went - It was good!

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A little update

Today the weather was... oh I can't remember.

Actually, now I do - it was raining. I had to take a 90-minute bus ride home from school because I missed my school bus. I had to converse with my calculus teacher and console one of my best friends on his less-than-perfect exam results. But honestly, he's still going to get dux though!

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I was running through my old journals...

And it moved me so much.

It shocked me how much I've changed.
It showed how bad my english used to be...
How naive I was.
How genuine and simple-minded (as in uncorrupted) I used to be...
How I document all the trivial things
How I regurgitate the tiniest things in my life without polishing and refining - showing how I truly felt.

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*Title Omitted* (Writing)


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Got most of my results back today...
So far I passed all my exams!
Really, really happy!

Oh, we're voting for prefects tomorrow. Hopefully I can make the cut.

Now I'm trying to write a story... damn, I miss reading and writing.

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He's just so... sophisticated!

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