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So this is just another one of those moments when its past 12am, and I'm sitting by myself at the computer... contemplating weird thoughts.

I'm so lonely. I admit. Moments like these he comes back to my mind, and it hurts. But all I can feel now is just hate and regret and immense stupidity. I feel used. How could he.

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I've had it easy...

Being an out gay Asian at school for almost two years... I think I've had it a lot easier than other GLBT people. I go to a Christian school, but I don't get shit. I'm good friends with many around the school, girls and guys. Some used to give me shit two years back but we even ended up being mates. Interesting...

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Hey! This is great!

Oh man, the realisation of getting backstabbed by a closetted but homophobic gay friend really feels amazing! Especially after I helped him so much!

Aha, aha. Life never ceases to amuse me. I'm listening to Hilary Duff.

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Skip the Steak (Short Story)


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Cereal Killer (Short Story)

Yaya, new installment from Max's new writings! This one is a bit messed up. But I like messed up shit. Deranged even. Sadistic. Depressing. Fucked up. I need new ideas =)

(I know I just posted another story yesterday... but you know I'm kind of in the mood for pumping out short stories)

Tell me what ya guys think~ ^^



Cereal Killer

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Stranger in my Life (Short Story)

I'm really bored! So I wrote this story (not really fond of poems right now).

Kind of inspired by my ex but this story doesn't have any gay themes (hey, not everything we write have to be about gay people.. no?).

Mmm, I hope you guys enjoy! Oh btw, I apologise for the obvious rip off of Mary Doria Russell's style... but I'm sure she won't mind =]

Feedback is greatly appreciated!

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Justin Timberlake

Went to his concert... He is so talented and so amazing!

What goes around comes around...

Damn love songs make so so much sense...

JT for life!

Lol the concert was like a few days ago.. but you know just listening to his songs and havin one of those 'moments'

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So I'm single again...

Yeah, I was so wrong about him.

So so wrong.

And every love song seems to make sense to me now.

What an asshole.

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サム ダム グード アラブ ミルク

When I don't know what to wear he says I can give wear a potato sack and nothing will matter.

When he obviously overdoses himself with too much Gucci cologne, I can't help but brush my face past his neck and smell his body and hair.

When I laugh he laughs with me.

When I cry he holds me in his arms and it feels like nothing else matters.

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He's just so cute, so sweet, so adorable

Man, he's the best guy I could ever ask for... he always know what to say... he's funny, hawt, cool and everything put into one.

Just yesterday he bought me a kiddie cup with my name printed on it from where he works.. and this morning he secretly drove to my house to drop off a bar of 'Dream' white chocolate in my mailbox.

Damn he's just so amazing.

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Hmm, I'm going to sign up for kidsline!

W00t, hah well I'm planning to sign up for kidsline!

Basically it's a kids support service which you become an operator that helps children who call and give them emotional support. Oh, and there's like youth camps and other community stuff too. =)

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I feel like I'm the rebound...


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Exams finished!

School mock exams are finally finished!

I did alright in English. Not as well in Science. I'm happy with maths. History was good. Japanese pretty good... and well eco I screwed it up I didn't finish. I'm probably going to fail my Eco paper.

There goes my honours prize this year.

But still, exams are finished!


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North Korea...

Fucking Kim Jung Il.

He deserves to be burnt in hell, forever and forever.

I feel sorry for those korean people, their country is a shithole because of their shithole leader. I can't believe I'm sitting in front of a computer which can probably feed a family for a month if they sold one. Yet, there's nothing I can do.

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The Sleeping Tragedy

The Sleeping Tragedy

Once upon a time
In a far, far away place
A beauty waited while
Sleeping in deep grace

Not for a prince
Like your sleeping beauty
I tell you the untold tale
Of the sleeping tragedy

With thorn-tainted gates
Vines that drooped
Behind the fiery guarded gates
In high sky a restless dragon looped

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