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oH i.

Happy ending is such a good song...

It's so touching...

What is loving a person? How do I even love someone? I'm so confused about myself right now.

Hah, I should stop thinking too much. Ignorance is good. What I don't know can't hurt me.

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Isn't it amazing we can be frustrated simply over a lost pencil but also a dead close person too?

Ain't it interesting someone can be lonely in a vibrant party?

Or just weird that the usual things happen but we feel different about it?

Sometimes something is just missing I think... when a life may seem perfect and one is content... something else seems out of place. They want more.

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Tired, depressed or what?

I don't really know aye... maybe I'm just too tired. Things always seem better with a good night sleep, which is why maybe I shouldn't be writing this right now.

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My Elysian Fields

Scared of sleeping
Afraid of nightmares
Jaded of staying awake
Tired of being heartbroken

Dreams are shattered
Doves scavenge upon the dead
Someone tells someone to stop loving
They have their happily ever after

This love is only a reflection in the water
Disturbed by scarring winds
Sprinkled with fallen leaves
I touch it and feel right through
This false fantasy

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I um, lost my wallet.

Um, yeah.

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When seems go gloomy...

Is it bad to cry and feel sad?

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Hory fuk.

Got fucking wasted on Saturday night. First time I got this wasted from booze. WTF. Well I'm only 15 I managed to get booze from some liquor store (Coz I took old)... went out at 2am with friends in city and got fucking stoned. I dont remember half of it... just remembered I felt so shit.

Hory fuk. I'm so not doing that agen... at least for a little while.

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Well-deserved rest!

After two weeks of long exam study and exams~ Tis finally over! It's queen's birthday weekend as well. I finally have a lyf agen xD

=O Yesh, I'm gona go out like crazy... Partee like it's 1945!

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Coming out FTW

Okae, there's this thing called bebo. Aka. New Zealand myspace. Although there's no orientation option, I have gay and gay rights pictures on my page... so people know I'm gay (but you'd be surprised how slow some people are).

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Short Update~

Heyloz everybody! Felt like updating my journal a lil bit, not that anyone really cares... but here i go. I'll try and keep things short... it's already past my bedtime >_<

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Out of my league...

Well, there's this guy called Daniel. Some of you might remember him in my journal entry from months ago (although I doubt it). He can be really nice, yet he can be a dick at times. We used to be quite close... last year we hung out together most lunch times. Then off course I had a crush on him. I came out to him, then he freaked out... said it was disgusting and we kind of drifted apart.

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Those moments...

Clueless, frustration... I guess this is just one of those moments when things are beyond my control and I feel so depressed. Yes, I'm such a perfectionist and control freak... I want everything to be under control because that's how I can deal with my life. Grr. Just all this homework stress again... and FUCKING HELL why does everyone ask me for homework help. I can fucking barely finish myself.

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Tired, tired, and more tired~

Oh joy! Cross country today, having to run 6km... and then having an economics internal assessment... Oh and did I mention our first impromptu debate after school... I got home at past 9pm today. I just had dinner... and about to start my homework.

Okae, seriously my brain can't frickin compute right now. Just so... tiring.

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Shyukudai o takusan kaku tsumori desu yo!


Oh save me from the hoarde of evil sinister homework!

Time to get some tea.
Okae, that was my break.

*sob sob*

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Story: A Crafted Masterpiece

A Crafted Masterpiece

“Splendid!” cheered Carter in abrupt and excited approval.

That evening for the first time in his life, as he caressed the slender figure of her body, he felt at one with her. Yes, this is the one he is searching for. Time seemed to cease except for the black and white television that played faintly in the background.

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