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I just wrote a massive journal and the page suddenly jumped to a random page when I'm adding tags. I'm pissed. K that's enough said.

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K, I had fun this weekend at my friend's birthday... I didn't to to karaoke in the end since I really have to come home and get some shit done. Sleeping over was enough.

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Okay, um I'll try and keep this short.

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Hmm. Wierd thing happened today. One of my main crushes who I've been slightly pissed off at for no real reason... (hence just ignorning him, coz since... he's just a crush... I'll get over him if I have to) like I think he smiled at me when I turned around in class to get something out of my bag.

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Yeah whatever

ok im forcing myself to type in civilised manner but fuck everythign oi today been the shittiest day I have had for months I feel like stabbing everything I'm so fucking stressed fucking workload fuck life sucks the frustration is fucking killing me fuck mr anderson fuck everything so much shit happening and i just dno why i feel so fucked up but whatever fuck

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07-03-07 My Phooey Day

Well this is about the crap day I've been having. I haven't actually had a bad day for a few weeks. I mean, I have times when I'm low but for the past weeks I can be postive, optimistic and confident and ride it through without feeling extremely messed up. But today.. it's just total whoreyness.

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I forgot the bring my wallet to school today and I lost my pe gear at school. Grr I can't find it it's really annoying.

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Lantern Festival, thoughts... and Recount of this Weekend!

Heyoz people. This is a seperate journal entry from my other one created just minutes ago because the other one focuses more on that one single event that happened today and this one will just be a general overview of things that happened in the weekend.

For the main thing that happened today - refer to here.

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Don't judge people...

Ah... the irony. Today I went to new market with my sister (Oh Yay! Family Bonding!) because she needs to fix her laptop. We were waiting at bus stop and I started talking to her what people are like.

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Talked to my Crush. Gasp!

Okay you dirty little whore mouse button made me refresh the page and I have to retype this. Rah! Okay thank God I'm in a good mood or I might go eat a zonkey or something.

Hmm okay yeah that crush of mine. I'll call him Sam.

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Um, Reflection Agen? 28/02/07

Whoop! Last day of February!

Oklies, another thing I need to improve on is not be tempted so easily by things I want. I've been buying too much food lately 'cause I'm just hungus like that. So I spent all my allowance on food this week (Hory crap I sound like some compulsive eating mofo). But neways I'm still lanky as a stick so I also find that odd.

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Daily Reflection


After hours of studying and crap, I've got MOST of my homework done. School's really getting to become a pain in the arse. It's 11:30 pm already and I'm yearning to get my shower.

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What my English Teacher taught me...

I am the only constant in my life*****

Don't beat myself over things****

Don't be too hard on myself***


I can be myself free from depression*****

Perfectionism is far-fetched****

Be myself****

If I take care of the small things, the big things will follow*****

No family is perfect**

I have great friends that I don't always acknowledge***

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The Grand Garden

The Grand Garden

I open my eyes
It seems like it was still a dream
But no longer does it matter
What they say true remains truth
No longer does doves symbolise peace
Those vultures scavenge among wingless angels

When did ‘it' start feeling alone?
They say it was always like this
Maybe we ought to believe
But when children diseased

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I feel so alone right now. I want to talk to someone but I just don't want to talk about it either. I feel like I want to do something yet I want to stay in solitude. This is so messed up.

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