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A Moving Flash Video (It's in Chinese)

Flash Movie Link: http://ylon.myweb.hinet.net/walktour.swf

Apparently, I dunno if I should've posted it. It's in chinese so most people probably won't understand it. However, to me the message it conveys is quite moving. It's saying that everyone is on a journey in life, walking into the future. You walk with your friends, family and people you love. You go through ups and downs like a roller coaster.

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I'm Screwed (no pun intended)

Gawd. My laptop died yesterday and if I wasn't pissed enough to have to redo all my work, I sure am hella pissed today.

I almost got a detention at skool because I couldn't hand in my work. I just got told off and warned. Gosh.

And now I've taken my laptop to get fixed. They replaced the harddrive which charged money from our school account. Dad will ask how the laptop broke, and if the reason is shit he'd use my bank saving probably from Chinese New Year to pay for it.

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Yay, I'm pissed.

Yay, I have my laptop on my computer table. I got up reached for the shelf to get a blank CD so I can burn something and guess what. I knocked a torch down and it smashed my keyboard and damaged my motherboard. Now my laptop won't start up! How fun! I'm gona have some enjoyment redoing four weeks of work.

Gawd damn I'm pissed.

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Recent Stuff

Okido. So apart from my retarded KFC poem that I posted a few days ago I haven't really said anything about what's going on recently.

So um, let's see. For english we had to analyse a poem. I chose one of the poems written on this site (but remained the author's name anonymous) and apparently I got one of the highest marks in the class (perhaps the highest one even) :) (Wooot, I got a free chocolate bar :P). I basically said the poem is an extended metaphor of the coexistence of minority and majorities, safety zones, individuality, comformity and adaption. However, in a sense my analysation was another form of another extended metaphor. Minorities are LGBT people like us, majorities are the dangerous and perhaps descirminative society. Safety zones are our "closets", individuality is our pride in a way, and comformity is letting our uniqueness die and not have it bloom, and adaption is that even if we do show our individuality and pride we still have to adapt to survive. It was a great poem.

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KFC + Some extra bits


I like chicken
Oh dear beloved feather poultry
How I’d like to have you when the skies darken
The least to have you fuel me

I have roamed across the land
Purging the shadows, dodging bullets
Seeing all the animals small and grand
But none such amazingly absorbing as thee rooster and the pullets

With such extravagantly dripping body and wings
So sleekly fleshy and delicate it dare not flap to ascend

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Well, a guy I made friends with on the net turned out to be a bit different than I thought he was. Today I realised he was a bit racist... (which a degree I think is rather "acceptable" if derived from personal experience and associations with them for self-defense purposes, physically, mentally/emotionally or spiritually). However, I realised he is racist for the sake of just being racist... and today in a conversation he was an all different from the guy I thought he was.

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My gay and happy day =)

Omg, today was like a highlight I had since boring school started. It was athletics day, and besides all the "eye candy" guys I get to see in shorts and their sweaty PE shirts... my friends (who all at my current school I haven't came out to) said some things I never expected them to say to me lol.

Oh it started off with tutor time in the morning, Blake (he's pretty hawt btw) got out his pe shirt he needs to wear today... and it's all wet cause his drink bottle leaked. He was trying to smack me with it and we went a little crazy running around the room lol. He did get me in the end while I was cornered by him and trying to protect myself with a chair lol xD. Oh, he was also asking if I wanted to swap PE shirts. I was going to say yes, but I know he still wanted to "show off" his wet pe shirt to all his buddies lol.

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Wierd O_o

prenote: I need to shave lol...

Okay so today at school is all fine and cool. Apparently, I went to the tuckshop SIX times today since everyone asked me to go and I just couldn't resist not going (with Daniel twice, with Nixon, Robert and Mike like once and I went there myself once too)... and everytime I just ended up getting something. I spent like 7 bucks today... while lending $3 to Daniel, Robert and Chris. Urgh, I really need to manage my money better.

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So the weekend comes

First week of school this year was fine. I have some very nice (and 'bad') teachers and classmates this year but I still longed for my science teacher last year and a few fellow classmates that we could enjoy our classes together. Of course I still see them around at school, but being in the same class kind of sustains that relationship, because I can already feel some friendships distancing and new ones forming.

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8/2/06 Short Entry

So yeah, this is the second day of Year 10. Today I got quite a few of my friend's numbers since I got my first cellphone last holiday.

Neways, I also had my first graphics lesson in my life. It was SO fun. We drew straight lines for the whole period... what a amazing learning experience. -_-;;

Then I had my first science lesson this year... we got a spaztic science teacher this year. Unlike Miss Beard last year who was a strict but nice and understanding teacher... this year we got a teacher that gives out detentions like crazy. (At least she's not as as bad as my jap teacher last year, who always call his students idiots and is extremely biased).

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Yas, yas, finally back to school

Okay, so today was the first day of school. Before all that I was in Taiwan celebrating a great Chinese New Year with my extended family and cousins. Apparently I have 13 cousins (plus 2 siblings would make 15 children/adults. Including their parents would make over 20), and a lot of them turned up... so it's a pretty crazy time. (Lol, unlike last year which only like 3 of them were there [School started early last year so I couldn't go]). Apparently over half of them came to our house after we finished the "traditional" stuff and dinner at my gramp's place. We played pool and table tennis and sang with the karaoke machine and stuff. Then we watched a movie (Freaky Friday - even though I've seen it like three times already) and played until 4 in the morning. However, my brother was alone playing computer downstairs. Gosh, it's such a rare occasion that the entire family can get together and he had to devote his fucking time playing a computer game. Damn him.

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Went to Tai Jhong this morning by train, caught up with Julie at this department store and uh yeah. We saw this Japanese horror movie that doesn't seem to have a English name. It was more disturbing than frightening. There was this scene which this couple was drinking each other's blood because they haven't had food for ages. Urgh...

Neways after that we had lunch, wandered around and shopped around, talked and stuff. Apparently, we got into the subject of talking about actors and singers and I was totally on about William Moseley's farking secsiness (Okay, I just can't get over him). Julie doesn't think he's that good looking, bah. The thing is, I still don't think she figured I'm gay... even after telling her about me writing a gay love story for my holiday homework, the continous mentioning of guy actors, me looking at the 'queer as folk', 'rent' and 'a home at the end of the world' soundtrack, and uh, just stuff like wanting to watch Brokeback Mountain... Hmm, I think she took it as my attempt to kind of generate discussion and "flirt" with her. I could tell her straight forwardly that I'm gay, but I doesn't exactly want her to know yet - instead, just have an idea.

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Back from Tao-Yuan Trip

Greetings fellow Oasians, I have officialy returned from Tao-Yuan after two days (Yas, that must have been a very long time =\)

So um, I'd just think of this as a recount of when I did there. So uh, two days ago my sister and I took the train up to Tao Yuan (2.5 hours) and stayed at Gillians house. Gillian and Elena both came back to Taiwan and both lives in Tao Yuan so we went out to these deparment stores together (Idee, FE21, Tonlin) and uh.. these other shops and we ... shopped (of course). We all bought something each for Gillian as her early birthday present this year. (She'll have nothing this November xD). Apparently, I bought a lot of stuff myself too (seven pieces of clothing). I think I spend too much nowadays.

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Recent Update Again

Harlo everybody again, uh well... still two to three more weeks before returning to NZ. My dad got a pool table and we've been playing recently. I'm getting a lot better except I still can't seem to position the "stick" properly.

Lol, also Arthur, Kevin and I were like playing a prank on this girl called Amy Yao. Apparently, we invited her to a conversation and I pretended to be Arthur's girlfriend. It got rather stupid as my acting skills are really poor. Then after she left the conversation I started to creep her out kinda by asking her all these "personal" questions. It was funny. xD

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Lalalala, back from Taipei trip.

Okido~ Um... Yeah, pretty much what the title says. I'm back to Tou Lio after staying at my Aunt's place to see this Ice Skating (Holiday On Ice) show.

On Saturday, before we went and saw the show... we ate at this restuarant that was "western-styled", like, it created a cowboy atmosphere and stuff. Every one of those waiters and waiteresses have to wear these cowboy outfits. Meh, and then this REALLY hawt looking waiter was serving our table. I mean, holy hell.. I can't keep my eyes off him afraid that he'll disappear. His tight ass is defined thru the tight jeans(?). And he's got the nicest smile, hair and uh.. everything. Well, actually I don't know why... but then I suddenly have this thought that all these guys I find attractive, will most likely... never be able to repay the same sort of affection I have for them. Again this cold feeling rushed thru me once more. I had no idea how to put a name to this feeling... I duno, I felt very sad right there on the spot. I have no mood for the food, and uh anything else. I ate little, which was something I never do unless I'm sick. Everyone realised I wasn't being myself. I kept my cap low across my face, and swatted tiny tears that appeared at the edge of my eyes. In the end when I think I'm going to have some kind of breakdown I had to excuse myself to go to the toilet. Everybody stared at me leave. I could hear my Aunt say to my dad "I think you should really find out what's wrong". At the same time I can see my sister get up saying she also needs to use the toilet. Half way there, my sis asked me what's wrong... It wasn't the nicest of me to respond to her by saying "nothing" but I can't hold myself together much longer. I went into the cubicle, and stayed there. Hell, I had no idea how long I stayed there for. I have so many of these memeories and thoughts that just bombarded me. Soon my dad even came to the toilet to ask me if I'm alright. I suppose my family does love me, but again these thoughts gushed though my head again telling me the person I present to them which they love isn't my real self. And all this other shit.

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