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Unable to make rational decisions

Just got tickets to magnetic man and Katy b on Thursday!

Omg I'm crazy I really should be studying.


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Student protest

Title: students march on police station

I was there.

Obviously the government-leaning newspaper didn't cast us in a very good light. You can tell by looking at the contrast between the first and the last sentence (humorising/mocking to begin with, then the actual point at the end)

Also, the numbers were horrendously under reported. 60? More like 300. We probably had over 500-1000 initially at the rally before the sit-in.

In other news (how appropriate):

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Free stuff

So I made a team and am officially representing my university at the Worlds University Debating Championships (WUDC) this coming December. The uni is giving me about $1000 for the trip.


I'm such a nerd.

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First it's almost 4.30 and I haven't slept yet. I've been getting terrible sleep lately. I might have insomnia I don't know. I'm just so stressed these days.

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So much to study. Thinking bout it actually makes me sick.

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The ewe has become especially circumspect. What she once consecrated has now been scotched by the cabals who have vilified the once ebullient creature.

Her pliant nature, his impermanence.

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Sometimes I feel like a failure. I just got a grade back from law and it was terrible. I have this gut wrenching feeling like I should not even be doing law. Like I will never ever find a good job, destined to filing stupid papers and a low salary. And I try and rationalise my way out out it. Like hey, at least I got into law school! Or hey at least my other grades are good. But fuck this really was a punch in the face.

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If only memories could be bottled away like cheap perfume

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Moving out

I'm moving out of my flat tomorrow. I'm sitting on the bed looking into the almost empty room. A disassebled shelf strewn across the carpet, and a board with all my photos and cards against a plain wall. It really saddens me and I always feel this deep melachony when I have to move. I am not sure why, but it feels like breaking up. The way you walk up the stairs knowing each step or the angle and length your turn the shower on exactly for the desired volume and temperature of water.

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Das ist die Frage!

To drink... or to drink a lot? That is the question!

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Equal squares on an empty sudoku,
Always the same numbers but a billion answers,
Yet there are rules you know I know (that you know)
Before this game has even started.

Colorblind because we are all equal yet white moves first,
(Someone has to).
My options start only with the pawns; the goal is to take your king.
Pawns can move two squares yet my king cannot leave the board;
Nonetheless I have already given you my tacit consent.
'To win!' you say, 'is about foresight and making sacrifices'.
So I lose because the rules are fair.

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Good news

My boyfriend's uncle in the head of classics at princeton university... he's got a wikipedia article and if you look him up on google the search even comes with his photos. Isn't it amazing?

I bombed my criminal law test yesterday. I've never felt that bad after a test. I've been reflecting a little bit - I need to get my act together. I can't just be complacent with my education. I must get A+ for everything. That means going to all my classes, making notes, and making sure I do extra revision. In law school a smart brain is not enough... cause no one's going to be stupid.

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Implausible premise

I cannot doubt that I exist
I can doubt that my body exists
I am not my body

It is pain that my body is experiencing
I can doubt that my body exists
I am not in pain


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German, goals, reshuffling priorities

Study is so stressful.

Spent a solid hour working on german pronunciation today. The director is very nice, he's very patient and very encouraging. I only found out the other day that this german play is part of his thesis, so I feel a lot of pressure to do well, espeically when everyone seems so fluent. Either way, I've already learnt a lot - just have to put the work in - it's do-able. I haven't acted in so long... it's so refreshing when all my other commitments are debating, consulting and academics.

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