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Since I'm a freak I'm doing Summer School while everyone's on break. And since I'm a mega freak the paper I'm doing is called Philosophy of Law. I got my essay back on Friday and it was an A+! And what's even more exciting is that our lecturer is a guest lecturer from Australia National University and she suggested that I try and publish it in an undergraduate law journal! She is now advising me, and although she said no promises I'm stoked!

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Ready for Winter

Full Silk Square Scarf $189-->$30
Red WORLD Skinny Jeans $245-->$105
Black WORLD Dress Shirt $189-->$50
Grey Marcs Wintercoat $369-->$169
Red Marcs Hoodie $149-->$25


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Moving is so stressful

I'm going to sleep

So much stuff to pack and shit.

At least my wardrobe is looking amazing!

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I will regularly write an opinion piece to be more active from now on

I apologise for the double post, but this is concerned with a completely different subject matter. I've been thinking for about a week, about how inactive I've been. So from now on I'm going to write an opinion piece once in a while on something I've recently read that I think is interesting, controversial, or topical.

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Moving Out!

My friend just called me up earlier and told me they found a nice townhouse to share in the CBD! It's not too bad, $180 a week and twenty minute walk from the university (which is pretty damn close). I'm excited and nervous at the same time... new chapter in my life ahhhhhh.

Technically I'm not moving out either I've been homestaying for years and this year I've been cooking and doing everything myself. But it definitely is big news!

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(I've become so antisocial lately... voluntarily. Ever get that? All I've been seeing is my boyfriend, and even now I don't want to see him anymore... for a while. It's fucked up because I get invited to things but I really just want to be by myself, yet at the same time I want more people to keep inviting me to things.

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The signs were there when I walked out of the room
You hugged me close and smiled
I didn't think it much

I came back and you were curled up in bed
I asked what's wrong (I don't want crude interpretations)
(so) I'm (so) not patronising

You hugged me close then I saw you were crying
I asked what's wrong (you don't have to tell me, really)
I held you against me
You said 'I-knew-ew-you-d-ne-never-let-t-me-'
And the rest was carried away by imagination

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Why do you follow laws?

Just a few questions I thought I'd throw out there -

What makes a valid law?

Why do people follow laws? (Separate question if you think about it - this is concerned with reasons for action and not matters of obligation)

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Going to a costume party now!

boyfriend = harry potter
me = cho chang LOL


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Is english even your first language? Of course we're all speaking english here, but this is the internet - so there's no way to tell. It kind of got me thinking when occasionally Vincent (Magic Fantastic) writes in French, and that's actually his first language. I remember a while ago we had a guy from Romania on this site and his english wasn't very good - but it drew my attention because he tried to express familiar feelings and problems in English, a language that wasn't his own.

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Thought I'd let you guys know.

Just another follow up in six weeks. That test will be 'conclusive'. But my odds are pretty good now.

Partei bei mein Haus! Bringen Sie alle deiner Freunden bitte!

Fail German... might post another journal later about what I've been up to - but for now such a relief!

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Blood Test

Had my blood taken today. For the Six week HIV test.

They'll give me a call tomorrow or next week to tell me the result.

I didn't want to write about it. I don't really write entries anymore. Neither is it the only thing happening in my life. But fuck I am so worried right now - again. So fucking worried. I keep thinking about the related symptoms I have and working out the probabilities - it's a bloody game of numbers.

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Crazy Stalker Exs

It's not like I didn't know. In fact I found it amusing. More so I felt a little bit of satisfaction. I knew he wanted me still. I saw the way you tried to dance closer and closer last night. I heard what you said to my friends. I could sense how you craved my attention. I felt your disappointment as I danced with the boy next to me. And you deserved every single bit of it. I will treat you like filth and you should stop coming back. You should see it by now.

Do not ask me for charity. Go away until your bones are clean.

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Drinking dilmah tea

Not even a full day after a week of seeing people and I'm already bored as hell.

I want to party and drink my head off.

Summer school better start soon.

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Auckland not Oakland, please

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