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Guy i like

OK here goes...I really like this guy and we just met...His step-brother is a senior this year in my Psychology class in high-school, he knows I'm gay but doesn't know his step-brother is...The guy I like I'll call him D and his step-brother I'll call him C...OK now back on the topic...I really like D but I don't know how well he likes me...I know his mom likes me b/c she's always asking D if were

How do you break up with your boyfriend/girlfriend?

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Text Message
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Phone Call
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In Person
100% (5 votes)
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Total votes: 5
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How my b/f breaks up with me through a text message in the early morning hours.

Who the freak breaks up with you in the early morning hours through a freaking text message??????

iLOOKatTHEstars1 (2:37 AM): chase...I'm not thinking that this is working out. im just sick of the drama and im just sick of the petty fights. and im sick of"us"; i just cant stand the emotional stress of what we call a relationship. AND IM F**KING PISSED OFF AT YOU.i mean you acted like a f**kin' ass hole when you IMed me and were like 'carol has to get a new CD player because of you.' and then on the phoen when i call to make up for what i said, TO MAKE UP FOR WHAT I F**KING SAID! you throw out the old...ive gotta go... and then the old...bye...and then hang up...i mean WHATEVER.if you want to be pissed off at me...THEN BE F**KING PISSED! BE REALLY PISSED, BECAUSE THEN YOU MIGHT HAVE A CHANCE IN HELL KNOWING OF WHAT IM FEELING RIGHT NOW.

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Coming out and struggles

OK well I came out to my friends about this time last year then I came out to my mom a couple weeks later. Well I lost some friends but I made more friends than I lost. One thing that I say to those teens that want to come out but don't know whether to or not is to make sure
your ready to lose friends and have a struggle on your life. OK now to the current times. Well it was about a couple of weeks ago my dad found out about me being gay.He asked me about it and I told him that I was and that it wasn't a big deal. Well now he's found a counselor that

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