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were we ever gods?

were we ever gods
or just mortal fools?
was there ever a time
when we made the rules?
or was it built too tall
on a pedestal thin?
had we reason to cry
the day it caved in?
could you taste me,
the strength of a kiss?
was it your heart
that my arrows would miss?
should we call forth a storm
to cover those tears?
or weather this rain
with faith that it clears?

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BAH! poopy night...

so, i went out with my best friend for her birthday. we went to club where she performed and had a mini birthday celebration. i was already a little bummed cause all my broke friends got her presents and i really couldn't afford to... i know she understands so i got over it quickly. we're getting ready to move in together again so money's really tight.

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makes me sick...

{PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. - Adoption is supposed to be a refuge for parentless children, but for Stephen Wells it was a house of horrors.

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one more murder

one more murder
and i can't feel the pain
stab and stab
such pretty bloodstains

one more murder
and i count stars
blow after blow
victim of wars

one more murder
and i close my eyes
swinging, swinging
smile for my cries

one more murder
and i finally die
is this my bliss,
this truth that i lie?

one more murder
and you walk away
kill me again...
just promise to stay

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back to basics, i suppose....

this is sorta like my 'about me' introduction thingie, lol, so i'm gonna tell you a little about myself. i'm 26 (almost 27 :*X). i'm african-american with black hair that turns red in the winter; a gift from my irish grandfather. i love emo music!

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