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The frosty breath of lonliness breaths on me,
When I think of you, my Seraphim,
This feeling powerful indeed,
stong enough to bring a titan to his knees,
Cold enough to freeze over hell-fires;

How I long to be with you,
Love's warmth rids me of the frost,
Searing my heart with desire,
Taking control of you and I,
With the kiss that holds a true connection,
The connection beyond our friendship;

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my goodness, my mother is really testing my patience and my sanity...i screw up in a few classes and she takes away my privilage of going to a beach cabin with my friends (the girl i like was gonna come as well and i was going to talk to her about how i feel about her)...and she also still gets on my case about being bi... SHE IS DRIVING ME LOLO!!! MY GOD!!! HYAAAAA!

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Hey, everyone!

Hey, Wassup? im Kepa and im 16 years old and from Hawaii-and yes i am bi. i came out to my friends and i tried to come out to my parents but they just wont except the fact that im like that, so...yeah. i have a wicked huge crush on my best friend and she has no idea! i dont know how to tell her...anyone gots advice for me?? i could surely use it...i need to let her know how i feel cuz i felt like

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