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jeff would be proud...

I hooked up tonight....

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Been awhile....

and a long week...And I guess I don't give a fuck what I post on here, since the NSA is checking every post and already knows who I am anyway....

So, it has been a long, long week. like next to no sleep long. Thursday through sunday, I was at rock concerts every night after work.

Thursday, a friend's band played the crocodile café in belltown. I Showed up via bike, hung out til the end, caught the late boat home and then road my bike all the way to the house, like 14 miles @ 2:3o am. fun stuff. then I went to work, did it all over again on Friday.

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this is awesome.


Just goes to prove the old methinks you doth protest too much theory when it comes to being a fag.

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Man...it has been one hell of an interesting week.

So, this has been one hell of a roller coaster of a week. literally.

Firstly, there was the family drama with the mom and the sister and the moving of things from my dad's house in MT back to Washington, which was a fucking logistical nightmare...three households worth of crap to move in four days, sort through, consign, take to the dump, etc...

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For the one who said...

'there aren't enough good queer musicians' on here, awhile back....take a read, dude. http://www.autostraddle.com/almost-famous-mary-lambert-159562/

These guys do a weekly column on up and coming gay artists and musicians, it's kinda cool.

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Well it's been an interesting couple of days...

I have come out to another friend, been to a couple of great rock shows, met a few of the local radio stations' rock girl hopefuls, wrecked my bike and smashed my face (concussion), and even journeyed north to the mythical land of the mukluk, where Draco and Swimmerguy reside. It was beautiful.

I guess I should start out w/ the coming out...as the last week or two has progressed, my friend T I came out to the other day, well...we have been conversing...and talking about who is hotter from the local radio station's contest for their 'rock girls'....aka chicks who look hot in bikinis.

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So I just witnessed...

My first gay wedding. I went to a grand opening for a hair salon and fundraiser for the race for the cure tonight that my friend jamie, an amazing musician and artist from seattle was playing for a friend....little did I know, along with most of the folks there, that the concert and opening celebration would turn into a wedding.

About half of the crowd knew, the other half, many of whom you could see disapproved, but clapped along politely, were in shock. I almost cried. almost. My friend justin did though.

I guess there is still hope for backasswards, redneck inhabited kitsap county.

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Idk why...

...I post on here anymore. Nobody ever comments on the things I post anyway. Not to mention I am far too old to be sticking around on a site for 'youth' anyway....

Hell, I am too old to even go to the groups here locally like oasis youth center or lambert house on capitol hill...Although both times I went there as well, I felt like I was the odd man out, like I didn't belong w/ the group of kids that were there.

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My namesake. Just found out it was...

...Fu Manchu. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_9IR8XwA_9A

Love those guys. Been one hell of week in seattle. Been to 4 shows in one week, all of whom were awesome. Beyond awesome. Missing out on a good one tonight as well, but I have spent far too much on music, Cd's, merch, and tickets in the last few weeks.

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I have been on a BLS

Kick all freeaking day. And by that, I mean since noon. The last few days I have been totally off. I dunno what is causing it. I tried melatonin to help me sleep, so that could be a part of it, but idk.

Kinda fallen into anotehr lazy/do nothing/depressed state as of late, not sure why.

I have been going to the gym, trying my best to get back to a healthy weight and get in shape again, so I can ride to teh level that I am used to.

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well. it's been an odd week.

and an odd new year. Things at work are not going so well right now due to other co-worker making my life difficult as hell and trying to put things on me that are totally HER fault, and not mine. Also, fighting/power struggle inside the company has come to a point where it's honestly like' really guys? really?'

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lady gaga....

going on a national 'born this way' tour...god damn...my ex would love this, as he loves, loves, loves her...but who the fuck made her the gay community's advocate across the nations? for some reason the fact that she is naming her tour after that song really irks me. dunno why.

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as charged. not usually my type, but I did stare for more than 5 secs, so...


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shit man...

I used to live by the illusion that time itself wasn't real...it was just a number, a random thing that was given to put people into a box by society....now I feel trapped inside that box. How the hell did I get here? I mean, shit, I have been 24 for all of 52 minutes now, and I feel like an eternity has passed before my eyes.

an eternity, a lifetime, as if I have seen and witnessed the world from a previous life. I have always felt I was wise beyond my years, when it came to relationships, life, dealing with adult situations.

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Hell yeah.

Just won tickets on my birthday for the third time from the local radio station. to a band, truthfully I barely know, but hell...how can it hurt? Corrosion of Conformity, on my birthday. Once in a lifetime bday. literally. hell yeah. so stoked. and then the walking papers and atomic bride two days later. fucking rock on!


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