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so tonight...

I found out a few things I never knew...

1. the local pub, sheila's....is named after sheila, the notorious mtf trans around town.
2. sheila still hands out around and picks up on guys @ the bar.
3. there are actually a lot of gay and openly, obviously gay adults around the bars in town...surprisingly.

4. alik wants my dick. so did his bisexual friend whom I met last night. I have a feeling he told her all our history. He also almost outed me to my friend J last night.

5. this next weekend is gonna rock.

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If you have an hour to kill...

And you enjoy that thing called grunge, I suggest you watch/listen to this. amazes me every time I hear it.


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It's been awhile...update time.

Well, good news. got the tests back from the doc, not cancer...just a nasty skin infection that was spreading. coulda been worse if I had let it go on, but good to know I am not dying.

It's been a rough week. I have been fighting w/ my mom off and on...all week. Mostly over stupid, petty shit. but it only takes a spark to ignite the inferno. I am too broke to find my own place-spent over $250 today alone in medical bills, and my mom knows that...I think.

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this video is freaking awesome.

two of my favorite trails in the entire state are featured, as is the riding of an old racing buddy of mine...god damn I want to ride sooo bad right now, my wrist is still broken, will have the cast off soon though.


I really need to get over myself and come out. fuck, it is bullshit that I am so uncomfortable w/ myself and not able to come to terms.

shit has been going so far south lately. Injuries, missed work, my dad dying...and now I am sick as hell and missing a family member's birthday.

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well, it's been one hell of a month.

My dad died, I am no longer a second-class citizen in my home state, we re-nigged in 2012, as the bumper stickers so many I know advised not to do, I became a trust fund baby w.o wanting to, and suddenly I go from being disowned as far as we knew, to being worth about a half a mil. shit. I also broke my thumb and wrist on the mtn bike, so this may be hard to type, and tehre may be some spelling errors in here.

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I hate bi-partisan politics and elections seasons....

...especially ones like this where I am forced to choose the lessor of two evils.

Both candidates want to define any firearm with over a 5 round capacity as an assault weapon. For those that don't know, that makes nearly every pistol, revolver, rifle, shotgun, or semi-auto rifle illegal to own or fire, let alone sell.

Now, to most of you kids on here, that won't matter a bit, but personally for me, it's a HUGE issue.

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Oh man...

I really did it this time...Got the bone set and casted this morning, and the sprainon my wrist is going slowly ack to normal, but doing everything lefty sucks ass.

Im going to be super ambidextrous after this one.

its been a long week. flying to montana sunday for my dad's memorial service and dealing w/ the estate, then getting things squared away from there, guess I got out of moving boxes and clearing downed trees. lol.

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My kinda ride....

Here is a highlight reel of an event two of my friends,and one ex-team mate competed in last week,. I just wish I coulda been there instead of work. Also, I will post a real journal soon. probably later tonight. A lot of shit has gone down in the past few weeks, good and bad.



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SO I meant to post this the other night, but...

My mom came down into the room as I was typing it up, and I closed the page.

Anyway, a lot has happened in the past few weeks.

on a totally random note...when the hell did Ron Artest change his name to Metta WorldPeace? seriously?

anyway, the other night, it was our local pride celebration, nearly a month after the regular seattle pride.

First thing my mom asked when she came home...why didn't I go?

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Not sure...

How to feel right now. Went to T's memorial service tonight...and, it was great. In that, I met up with and saw friends whom I hadn't seen in years.

I also learned how he did it. and it was fucking gruesome. I wouldn't wish that death on anyone, let alone to have a family member find someone that way. ever.

Sorry, i am drunk as hell right now, and my blood sugars are still high as fuck.

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So today....I found summer!

It's on the other side of the grass, er, more correctly, the mountains. It was definitely a mixed bag of emotions today. Some people who read my last journal will understand why.

Got up a little bit later than I ideally wanted for the drive into the mtns, and then, once I got to the sound and got to the ferry, I realized I had left some parts for the bike @ home, and I had to run back, causing me to miss my boat.

then, Once on the ferry, I realized yet again, my half awake ass had left some other essential-ish items to mtn biking @ home yet again. God damn it!

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One hell of a weekend...

So I missed seattle pride...but that's ok, since it looks like it sucked anyway, and my local pridefest is next month anyway...

I was supposed to clean my house earlier this past weekend so my aunt and uncle could move their stuff we were storing for them in the basement...but, I forgot...

I kinda got some really bad news friday night, and totally spaced. Not only did my doc think my liver is failing, but also...My friend Tony committed suicide.

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So apparently...

Out is IN!!! saweet! Not...

So I just dropped off my mom @ church for her trip down south, and apparently @ the UCC OR United Church of Christ, being gay is in...

I always knew they were fairly cool w/ it, and even had some gay members, but I walked in for the first time in probably 7 years tonight, and the whole place was plastered w/ LGBT propaganda and scholarship offers, and the like.

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It's often interesting...

How things play out...Honestly. I mean, about three years ago now, I was at a house party @ a friend's in seattle, and a kid who had bullied me all through elementary school, along with most of the other kids, up until I changed school districts for other reasons...but anyway, he recognized me, I didn't recognize him.

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