are you happy and or OK with ur sexuality??? or do you hate being gay?

yes, happy w/ where I am.
50% (44 votes)
Gay and OK.
20% (18 votes)
questioning, no.
2% (2 votes)
not sure of sexuality, no
8% (7 votes)
not happy about sexuality @ all.
6% (5 votes)
in between
14% (12 votes)
define myself as something different than gay/bi/trans etc.
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 88
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Hey, those of you who know about Isupport on myspace, check out the anti-Isupport page that started yesterday...same old arguments...gays rape little boys, gays are all suicidal and emo, all kinds of bullshit lies and stereotypes that some narrow-minded jerk put on there...and 3/4 of the friends he already has only joined tha guy's friends list to bitch @ him... chaeck it out if you want to...late

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Hell YEAH!!! Finally got an avatar to work...i think the skull head-demon hunter logo is cool...too bad it won't stay just on the skull tho...finally got an avatar that worked though, so yeah...

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El corazon...ahh, let the good times roll.

Hell Yeah, just got back from the Demon Hunter concert here in Seattle, it pretty much kicked was awesome...Moshed for four hours straight...Five bands, two local, ended their tour in Seattle tonight @ the El was quite an I was thinking I was fat, outta shape and gonna get slaughtered in the pits...wrong...I had an awesome time... the band from St. Louis and the band from Cali both had really, really hot lead singers was awesome...I learned about a pretty good band too- As cities burn...the other two kicked ass too, and for loren, I will try to find the name of the st.

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Tonight I'm going to a kick-ass concert in seattle...I'll prolly get killed in the mosh pit, but it will be worth it...later

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this morning's coversation

Well, this morning,I woke up and ate breakfast @ probably noon, so i guess it wasn't technically morning...Anyway, my mom got a call from a friend, who is living with a friend @ her I thought I had overheard her talking about this friend the other day and saying she was gay, so I was like alright, the lesbian friend is staying w/ it turns out, julia is a lesbian...Now I knew my mom had a lot of closted friends, quite a few of whom she works with, but I would never have guessed Julia was a lesbian...I mean, she was married for one, had two of the coolest kids I think I've ever known-I used to board w/ them until they went off to college. Anyway, Julia is still in the closet and is gay,so I'm alright w/ that. She was always kind of eccentric, an old hippie and just a crazy, but cool person...Now to the angry and annoyed part...Well, as probably no one on oasis remembers, when I first came on this site a few years ago, I was still questioning my sexuality...I told my mom I needed to see a doctor about all of my mental issues, which she agreed to let me do...I also told her I thought I was bi, which pissed off quitty, if anyone here remembers him, and so I had placed some trust in my mom for the first time in a long time...But today, when I was checking my myspace page, she walked in after telling me jullia was gay and then started talking about my questioning quite loudly in front of an open window...I was just like, "shut the fuck up!!!the neighbors are out there!" and she did, but we still got in a fight about it...The way she was talking about julia though, made it seem like she had talked to julia about my questioning, which is quite possible, actually, I'm certain it happened....So that leaves me w/ the whole violated trust thing, which was why I was afraid to trust her with that in the first place...GAHHH....this is exactly why I don't trust anyone...!!!! Trust always gets betrayed!!! whatever you tell someone, no matter what it is, it will always slip out!!! Now I feel like I will never fully trust another person again...Ever!!!....I am so pissed...I know from the way she said it that she told julia, but who else did she tell????That crazy-ass bitch @ her church whose fucking whole life is PFLAG? The lesbians @ the local environmental group???Her whole fucking women's group???Her Spiritual class???!!!!. God, this is really, really scaring me...I know I'm paranoid, but I also know that she has told more than one person about this!!! It wasn't hers to tell ANYONE!!! She said she wouldn't....I dunno, I'm fucking pissed off right now....l8r.

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Crazy Teachers

Okay, so some of you may know about my crazy english teacher that i had this year...Well, today I got my official grades back, and I gotta say, I'm pissed. Everything my english teacher handed back to me, pretty much all of my work, from the whole year, had 9/10's and check +++ etc. And she even told me to my face that I had earned an A on our final...And guess what? The bitch gives me a B+, instead of the A she had told me I would get...I'm so friggin' pissed...I am slighlty happy though...Somehow in my AP history class, I pulled a C- up to a B. Hell yeah. and I also got a c+ in math, a C- in chem, instead of the F I was at, and a B+ in PE, even though it should have been an A, I mean, 93% is usually an a, but my gym teacher decided to do a different grading scale, though not on a curve, and I end out w/ a B+...sux. I guess my semester 2 GPA was pretty low, it brought my cumulative GPA down to a 3. which sux.

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Ahh, weddings...

Well, yesterday I attended a friends' son's wedding...It was pretty poorly planned and the bride took forever getting prepared-she almost got cold feet-I think....I felt bad for the groom, ramon though, because he basically married a crack-whore, even though he started out as her friend and is now raising her son by another guy as his own...Ramon Sr., the groom's dad, and his mom were really scared about him marrying her, but they had to roll w/ his decision and be there as his parents...Anyway, Ramon has this one friend who is either gay or bi, I'm not sure, who was the best man...aanyway, when the priest who married the bride and groom was up there doing his little deal, he totally turned it into a political, anti-gay marriage thing....He selected several passages from the bible and defined marriage as the SACRED BOND BETWEEN A MAN AND A WOMAN....he totally put the emphasis on this and started looking in the direction of the best kind of made me angry, not just because he used like five selections from the bible to bash gay-marriage at the wedding, but also the way that he said it....he was just a conservative douche...oh well, I guess some people never change...I should just go online and become an ordained minister like my friend and start doing gay weddings-it might work, and it would be pretty funny...

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end of the year

Well, four days left and then the school year is finally over!!! I have to study like hell for the next three days though for finals. also, the seniors have already left, which kinda sucks...Now none of my classes will be as fun...Also, that guy I liked and who I am almost sure liked me back left, which sux. I have no idea how to get a hold of him outside of school, so I may have let the possibility of a relationship slip by, though I'm really not ready for a relationship anyway....

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Finally, done! (sort of)

Finally finished that damn essay/ paper for english, now I just have to survive finals...God, I just want school to end...

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Well guys, this is it...the day of reckoning is almost upon about an hour, We'll all find out if we're going to hell or What do you guys think of all the 666 hype? I think it is a bunch of bs, but I still thought it would be an interesting journal topic...I got a message from a really catholic friend today saying " start praying ppl, because judgement day is coming." lol. I love

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Stereotypes???Uneducated hick???

I found this on a local message board in response to the Wa state gay rights legislation that was passed earlier this year...Listen to this guy's argument against gay rights...It's pretty stupid, so I thought u guys might like to read what the public opinion of gay people still is : Stereotypical. here is what he had to say about gay rights in response to the question" Do you think the gay rights legislation should be repealed" on Kiro TV's message board: Heck yes it should. These people don't deserve equal rights in marriage or anything else for that matter. They press their gayness on others..have kids and make them gay in the's a disease. Supporting it in any way just makes them think it's ok to continue on the way they have ruining our society. They go from the back door alleys/group sex to the limelight trying to force it into a good light. They're the worst offenders of spreading AIDs among other STDs. Repeal the law as fast as possible and don't allow them to corrupt our culture any longer

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Finally got a car...

Hell yeah, just thought I'd post a random journal...I just bought myself a car. Finally, after like six months of looking, I got the right one, even though it's not a truck...Now all I have to do is get a better job so I can afford to drive it...It has a $400 stereo in it too- nothing I looked at had anything close to that good in it. I guess i really didn't do that bad, considering it only cost me $1800.

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Whoa...haven't posted in a while....

Well, it's been forever since I've done one of these things, so this will pretty much be a random rambling of my life right now, as it is going...

So basically, we are registering for out next year's classes tomorrow....I don't know what i'm gonna take, but it is getting really stressful, especially since graduation requirements change all the time...I dont think I'm taking any AP classes though...I've got enough to deal w/ already...Ok, so onto other school stuff...I am still struggling w/my falling grades and I dont think I'll get them back up in time for summer...It's really getting me down, because I'm a total perfectionist and I dont think I like , scratch that, I know I don't like failing...or the idea of summer school...

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so i didn't go

well, the school's GSA had its official first meeting today and i decided that i didn't want to go...i was thinking about it, but i guess i reached the decision not to even check it out when, as i was leaving 6th period, some straight guys in my class decided to go and case out the meeting to see who was "gay" and who was going.. originally the GSA was supposed to meet like three weeks ago, but it

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