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I need to take up yoga. or just wear a bubble wrap...

Jumpsuit! Michelin man style...

So today, after months, and really two years or more, of viewing frined's videos of skateboarding, and one really good edit of my homie matt, a local shredder,

I decided to get off my lazy ass and head to the skateboard park. dust off the wheels and try it out again.

I knew it was probably gonna be a mistake, but sometimes after watching soo much stoke, you just have to try.

three runs and one drop in into my adventure, I caught up the wheel on a crack, flew off the board, and slammed into the concrete, hard.

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ohh man...

Soo tired right now. So, I slept all friggin' day and loved it. finals kicked my ass, adn yes, again, I am failing, even though I am trying. Hate my life in that regard.

So here I am, it's two AM, and I am having to re-bleed and re-install the hydraulic brakes on my bike, with the wrong tools, and tired as hell, for a ride that may or may not happen tomorrow afternoon.

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Oh man...

It's been an interesting couple of weeks.

First off, let me start byy saying...

lots of crazy shit happened about three weeks ago @ my friend's birthday party. Sam2k already kinda knows, but let's say it involved bonfires, guns, county sheriff being called out to the farm, etc...

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Dan Savage...

Is pretty much a boss...just sayin...the guy is a genius. practically. nobody ever wins an argument with him, and his new show savageu is pretty funny.

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Was fucking beautiful.

It started off kinda slow, as I was up til 4 am doing laundry and shit, but then, as I woke up, I really felt out of it, Not sure. why. I don't smoke, if you are thinking it had anything to do w/ 4/20. :)

But I honestly woke up, low blood sugar, and no matter how much coffee I downed, I simply could not wake up.

I was late, late for a day of digging on some trails in my friends yard. thought they would be small, but they are massive. Like beyond my current realm of ability massive.

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the struggle within....

never ceases, the storm of my mind, never stops....shit just...never changes.

Anyway, last night, I got an invite out to a barn party @ an old friend's farm.
My friend, an ex of mine from high school who I had briefly dated, invited me out via instant message and a text, and she seemed like she wanted to meet up with me, and catch up @ this bonfire/party thing...ok

So, I got cleaned up from my mtn bike ride, got ready to go, and meet up with her.

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worth a read...

I admit, I am a bit guilty of hate mongering and prejudice myself, but I am working on that.


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So I was trolling thru facebook...

...And I stumbled across this link...gay sports illustrated. haha.

apparently, a gay porn site, but it's got a tasteful? facebook page, w/ pics of scantily clad european men/ athletes in nothing but bikinis, man-panties and swimsuits.



Chad, enjoy. ;)

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has anyone...

seen or heard anything from max on here lately? There are definitely those of us on here who remember who he is.

Username is uncertain.

started posting shit like this .

as an entire journal after he started experimenting w/ drugs.

anybody? it's been a long time. thinking he might of disappeared, much like devildog.

bummer, if so, max was rad.

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Some things never change...

Kinda like the small town blues. I went home tonight, from a fairly shitty day @ work, and then I got a message, from a friend I haven't heard from in years.

I showed up at the casino, and they were all pretty well on their way...I wanted to talk to my friend c, who works security there, but he was @ our friend j's house, as she was having a breakdown since her bf broke up with her today.

long story short, saw a bunch of old ass friends from high school.

though it was great to see them all again, I felt like we had nothing in common anymore.

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well I wasn't expecting that...

So this guy I met a few months back while digging some trails for mtn biking, turns out to be gay.

tonight, we were chatting on facebook, and he was debating sexuality w/ one of his fb friends, and he ultimately came out as bi, or at least bi curious leaning gay to this kid while we were talking, by commenting on this kids' photos.

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so this is a general update

1) the GSA guy still hasn't responded to my e-mails.

I am beginning to think some other people took it over, but then, why, would they put his e-mail on it?

2) guy that was flirting with me on facebook wants to hang out. Kind of nervous. He is sort of cute, but totally polar opposites as far as our political beliefs, values, etc.

3) he wants to meet @ Davids'(hyacinthus or geniusfrenchie) for those who remember his account on here, house party on st patty's day. I told him about it, so I guess I may be digging myself in here, but it seemed like a good idea at the time.

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I didn't realize we lived our lives...

In best and worst moments, on a weekly basis...wtf huffington post?

Liberals are funny.


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So I went to school...

Again tonight, went back...Did homework in the library until they closed, then walked to the adjoining building where the GSA is supposed to meet...at 5 pm...and again....NO ONE there!!!!

Not a sould!

Just some techy nerds from the RPG club in the hall discussing some new online game. so there was the rpg or role playing game club there, but no GSA.

AND, on top of that, there was a republlican convention meeting there, so they closed off the entire student center for that, with no warnings. oh well.

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So this guy...

Who knows a few friends of mine....and I know a few friends of his...recently added me on facebook. Last night, he was kinda of flirting with me via IM, and tonight, he was asking if I had a girlfriend, and things of this sort.

Kinda funny. I mean, he's a nice guy. He's gay. he's a nerd...but...

He's not my type....like @ all. Cosplay fan/ computer geek, and he found me through a mutual friend, who is a huge cosplay/ anime geek. idk...

I guess I will humor him for the time being. Who knows, maybe we will ride together soon. (he's a mtn biker)

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