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...and another's gone, another ones gone...another one...

Bites the dust...

So it has been a hell of a last few months. I have had three kids I grew up around was decent friends with die. That brings the total to...well, 16 friends in 6 years...3 in the last six months.

What the hell, man? I mean, I used to be a fairly 'at risk' kid, I guess by some terms, but seems like kids around me just drop dead like flys.

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So tonight, after a long day of riding and hanging out w/ some old hometown friends from high school (homophobes), I got home to a facebook status from my 'friend' of late...in a relationship...

I guess I should back up....we hooked up over memorial day weekend this year after months of IM's and flirting via facebook...then after that....nothing. a bit of contact here and there, but nothing really.

fast forward the last two weeks.

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chad will appreciate this...

these guys are straight badass...

oh, and kinda hot too...


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just watched this...

and figured it fit just dave's theme the other night quite well. haha. funny video.


oh, and cyclist I tried to find pic of in tighty whities for ya, Dave...he now knows about this site. the internet is scary sometimes. haha.

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so I whimped out...again.

Didn't go to pride. But I did get on my bike, and go for a nice 70-ish mile ride through seattle's suburbs and out to snoqualmie.

Beautiful weather for that. man I am beat. time for sleep.

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sooo tomorrow....

Is seattle pride...I am torn between going and not...I have friends who are, and I know they would be chill...but....seattle is sucha small town.

bound to run into someone I know there...If I go.

It has been years now, and I am becoming slowlymore and more comfortable with being gay, but still not sure.

Years ago, I wouldn't go to pride for two reasons. 1) I was too afraid to be outed and 2) that I would become angry and punch some stereotypical flamer in the face.

so yeah...not sure, but I guess I gotta decide. Thoughts?

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Rode some jumps today and didn't die! yes! good sign, but my ankles are f-ed. also, rode w/ my aussie homey, and he was pushing me too hard, too fast.

also, saw my dad for dad's day. watched a movie w/ him, and walked around the hood w/ him and my sister.

my sister couldnt stop asking me about my bremerton 'girlfriend' though, prying into my now kinda non-existant relationship w/ rick. my friend. of sorts. who i lost my virginity to.

it's been...kinda awkward since then, but now my sis is prying into my life, and I'm all like...slowwww down, yo!

too many q's, too fast. fuck!

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oh man...


So, even though I hurt myself and couldn't race the super-d downhill this weekend in hood river, I still drove down. I rolled in to town @ 2 am on friday night, after work, and crashed @ my buddie's hotel's parking lot.

Saturday, I headed up the course, walked it for a bit, and hung out w. some old friend, who are HR locals. I love it there. If I could live there, I probably would.

It's a pretty liberal town, everyone is so chill and laid back, and it has virtually every action sport you can think of.

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Happy easter...

If y'alls celebrate that kinda thing...

So tonight, at the gym....well, let me give you a little background first.

A few months back, I joined the same gym that my sister and brother in law "attend" quite regularly, and by that, I mean they hardly ever go. I did so, because it was the family rate, and saved me quite a fair chunk of change each month, as well as them.

I have been wanting to get into shape again for some time, so it just seemed like a good idea.

I started swimming again, and as of last week, also weight training...my GOD have I let myself go! haha.

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man I hate neo-nazis...

I mean, sometimes I have a bit of a racial tendency to say the wrong shit, due to my dad's family history w/ the klan and other hateful organizations, and I might let the n-word slip, but tonight, I about witnessed a black kid get killed by an ABT member in seattle.

ABT for those who don't know, is one of the most rapidly growing, aryan/ neo-nazi prison gangs in the US today.

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been a lonng time...

maybe I should update some shiz...whiles the roomates are not home.

hmm, where to begin? I guess I am kinda dating a guy, w/o the dating part. we have just been hanging out a lot- he's in recovery for drugs, which kinda sucks, but his family all seem to like me.

I quit drinking for him, so that's another good thing going on lately.

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on life, death and mercy....

and yes, this is a current situation going on in my life, guys, dad has been in the hospital in critical condition all week, and I just needed to vent a little bit, -hell

Man, it has been one hell of a week. My father is ill again, and it has been a heck of a roller-coaster ride. One second he's a second away from death, the next he's healthy and has a stable pulse. I guess all of the events of the past three days have just been a lot to take in and to think about.

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holy crap!!!

So not only did I hanf out w/ him the other night, but through txt messages while at work, I totally agreed to go on a date w/ him! umm, what the hell???

what has happened to me? I have never felt this way about anyone, ANYONE! and least of all, rikki. I mean, we went to high school together, he came out to school sophomore year, but still!

The last person I would have suspected finding myself this attracted to would have been him!

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so im out again...

This time to a friend i never thought I would tell. he is gay as well, though he has a very loving BF who he's been in a relationship with for two years....

anyway, the events of the past month have been crazy. I had this friend in high school, and he added me on facebook just before i went on my trip.

he's gay. hes cute. he likes me. i like him. but the problem is, hes an addict. a felon. and a recovering drunk. I mean, I am a drunk too. but yeah.

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