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holy schnike!!!

I might have a date!

so this, guy, who i went to high school w/...who is out and gay, added me awhile back on facebook!

we started talking daily and exchanging IM's via facebook daily while i was on my trip, and now he wants to hang out w/ me.

tonight, while @ work, he asked me if i wanted to go ice skating w/ him alone, in the town near where i grew up. at first, it seemed like he wanted it to be jsut us, but then he invited our mutual friend M, the first person i was ever out to, and one of my current best friends.

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I'm out...literally.

So, as of late, i have been struggling a little...ok, a lot. in school, in work, in life...basically, everything has been bringing me down.

I have been so depressed the past few months i have hardly been able to function. School has been kicking my ass, in fact, i am currently failing out of it.

My mom wanted to surprise me for christmas by flying me out to the country she has been in for the past few years in the middle east and to 'talk' about why things haven't been going well for me and about the medications that i am currently on...


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FML!!! i just wrote a long ass journal...

and my internet crashed and i lost it all!

but lately, fml has been exactly how i feel. haven't been sleeping, high blood sugars, suiciadal thoughts/ tendancies. all of that shit has been building up.

this week i finally got approved for a credit card( statue of limitations on dad's/ gpas debt may finally have lifted?) idk...but first they said i was approved for a 1k limit, then that went down to 350, then my card comes and it says 250. I wonder if admitting to living @ one of my dad's rentals for awhile as a kid is what did that. idk. i wanted to be honest, but still

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too much to really type into one entry...

it's been one hell of a past few weeks. first the nation wide attention to the suicides, then two kids i knew in school commit suicide, all in the same week i had been having depressing and suicidal feelings.

Shit seems like it keeps getting worse. matt, RIP man. we may have had our differences in school, but 21 is too young. same with you luke. RIP guys.

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it's been...

a loong time since ive entered anything here.

been a looong two weeks as well. failing classes. can't get up to make them. bike is toast, ovalized head tube.

can't ride

been depressed as hell

suicidal as hell,

dad's 64th bday today
sister had to make a mess of it. being a total bitch, telling me i owed her money i already paid her and shit

deleted my facebook acct, too annoyed w/ it currently, and now, i am done for awhille.

was supposed to start my meds again today, but failed to make it to the pharmacy,

fucking going out of my mind again,.

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today was...

hell. on wheels.

nah, just kidding. it was awesome. i finally picked up my trail bike for the first time in a few months and went riding @ 3 am the other night when i was depressed, and i forgot how well riding and getting endorphins flowing through your body can help.

I felt a little sketchy today jumping in the bike park, but by then end of the day, was back hitting some pretty size-able jumps (15-22 feet) and was getting fairly comfortable in the air.

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ahh...i just love weddings *NOT*

So about two months ago now,

My sister and her bf of two years or so, sprang the announcement on us. They are getting married! in two months! awesome! happy for them, as anyone would be!

but....i hate weddings...absolutely dread them.

they just remind me of what i want outta life and can never have. a wife, kids, the whole nine...for a hetero.

so, the other night, the groom's parents fly in and invite me out to dinner w/ the family. I had never met them. fine. I agreed to go to dinner.

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a date...

for a 6500$ bike....

should i do it??? or no. haha, this has to be a terrible joke.


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its that time of year again...

...aaah, weddings. for most, the happiest time of their lives...

...for me, just another reason to get drunk on other people's coin, sit back, and watch others blissfully express their love and dance on the dance floor.

the other night, my friends n and c made it official. they finally tied the knot. not because they found out n was prego, but because they had ben planning it for about a year, and were finally ready to make it legal before they move to mexico.

my other friends got married about three weeks back.

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just found this awesome quote...

from dune...if only it was easier to actually do and live by

“I must not fear. / Fear is the mind-killer. / Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. / I will face my fear. / I will permit it to pass over me and through me. / And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. / Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. / Only I will remain.” - Bene Gesserit Litany Against Fear, Dune

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sooo yeah

kind of a follow up rant to my last journal...but....

my depression/ bi-polar as of late has been getting much, much worse.

to the point that it is affecting my work life, school and everything in general.

i mean, i am so depressed, ive been going days w/o sleep, missing class due to sleeping thru alarms due to lack of sleep.

no desire to do anything or see anyone.

memories totally keeping me from what i want to do...flashabcks id rather not have. that kinda shit.

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i actually just thought david beckham was hot...normally, when i see him, all his tats and shit in underwear ads or on tv or w/e....i dont find myself liking the guy.


i just saw him on the tonight show, and was like Damn! this person is hot! who is he? had to wait til the end to find out. lol.

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so according to this...

i should already be dead or am going to die soon. i have 3/4 eqrly death factors. fuck.


guess i gotta start hitting the gym, eat better, and quit drinking. fuck.

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for those of you in washington state...

I can't find the link, but I heard something in regards to referundum-71 and the groups against it attempting to overturn it tonight...apparently the state supreme court is talking about giving out the personal information of voters and how they voted on the issue in an effort towards making their decision on whether or not 71 is constitutional.

idk about you guys, but i thought this kind of info was supposed to stay confidential...

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I almost feel too old for oasis now...and yet somehow not. hell, i doubt anybody other than tophat, draco, lore, and max remember me. I mean, I am 21 years old now, yet I still haven't really been in a normal relationship or been able to really get to the point where i can accept who i am. recently I have been having a lot of bad depression...really bad. like shit i shouldnt talk about on this site bad....but its been getting progressively worse, almost to the point it was when i was a kid.

I know jeff will say get over it, ya love cock, and all that shit, but still...

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