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sooo here it is...

as of today, im officially legally, a full blown adult.

i can now go to clubs, drink beer, and go to all those adulty-type events. haha

so tongiht, for my birthday, this kick ass metal band, actually my favorite ever, is playing.

i got tickets for me n a friend. a few friends are going, one is the club managers younger sis, whihc is cool, since that will mean no doubt free or discounted drinks :)

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being gay sucks...warning, this will be a long-ish rant.

So, as of lately, I find myself back in the same hole as i was two years ago.

I want sooo badly, more than anything else, to be straight. only problem is, i am gay.

I dont advertise this to the world however, and see myself as jsut a normal average, everyday kinda guy.

this however, presents many problems. People expect straight guys to have girlfriends @ some point.

So lately, ive actually had two girls tell me they really like me, and i kinda like them, personality wise, but there's nothing there sexually.

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all in all...i had a GREAT weekend!

I had an amazing weekend! I went to mt hood oregon for the national DH and fluidride cup #3 race w/ my team and one annoying kid we brought along for gas $$$.

for the last four years, i have been telling my buddy mike i would make it down to hood river to ride, and i finally have! i am soooo stoked on that place now!

we rode these trails called post canyon on friday earlier in the day, and it was epic! fast downhill runs, shuttle-able riding, gap jumps, drops, cross country! everything a mtn. biker could want :).

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im kind of in a dilemna right now...

i have told a friend i would possibly go tot the PRIDE this year w/ him, and see mroe of the seattle LGBT commnity...or so i thoguht.

i jsut realized seattels pride interferes w. a HUGE bike race i am planning on doing @ the end of the month!

fuck my life!

which should i do? i wanna race mt hood and the super-d in hood river, but ive never been to pride, its interesting, and i would save a ton of time and $$$ since i'd stay in seattle! fuck! what do you guys think i should do?

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i need to move...

somewhere....sooon. im sooo fucking tired. of work. of seattle. of housemates who steal. and throew up. and dont clean up.

for months now, i have been putting up w/ all kinds of shit...people stealing food, tp, and now, even beer!

tonight after a loooong ass day of working, i come home, and want a nice, cold brew...adn what do i find? four of my twelve opack gone!

i mean seriously! guys, if you want a brew, ask me...if not, dont just assume ill be chill.

my fucking beer costs about 20 bucks a twelve pack...not cheap. i drink good brews...

i fucking need a new place.

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today was a good day... pt II

so yet again, today was an awesome day! like A really, really good day!

to start it off, i woke up around 9 and my phone was blowing up with calls. max, jim, jeremy, chris, and alex, all wanting to ride...so im all like damn, give me some time to chill...haha

max was calling me since he couldnt get a ride to the trail head, and my buddy chris, the gay guy, was calling me to tell me what ferry he was catching and ask what he needed to pick up @ my house for me.

so after gettign all of my gear ready to go, i loaded up my bikes, headed for the ferry.

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today was a good day...

first, i met up w/ my dad and hung out @ his place for a while, then i went to mobius cycle, my lesbo friend in seattles bike shop and chilled there for awhile. it was awesome....nikki made some references to how she got fired from where i work foir being a dyke years ago, and same from my friends shop, but then got into all these lgbt discrimination stories w/ her and a friend, mo.

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so prego grego...

aka a washignton politician i normally hate, did something well today...gregoire gave glbt couples more rights and signed into law anto-discrimination stuff. basically secures similar rights to marriage in wa state mroe so then the last one she signed and also gets closer to marriage stuff.

mroe info here:


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paranoid/ annoyed rant

even though i always ahve a fear that someone out there will find this journal, or that ppl @ work somehoe knwo abotu them, i need to post...

the last month, well, really the last three weeks, have sucked. no other way to put it.

First off, i gotp denied the hours i wanted @ work, didnt get into school, and have been feeling generall downa dn depressed.

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i just...

wanted to post up this video since i think it is one of the best bike films non- professionally shot i have ever seen...ever. cxheck it, on youtube


fuckin trials guys are insane. there are some lines in this vid i dont even knwo how he did it. like that one off the wall to transfer to the racks. just watch it!

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feelin much better...

...jsut got back from another lonng ride, but htis time in the oasis of the cascade mtns of washington. no work drama, jsut me n the trails. too bad i lost my way! lol. it was epic tho. like 15 miles of singletrack. 4 hours straight! little DH, freeride and looong-ish xc cllimbs all included. soooo fun!

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...now im feelin better. got blisters on my hands from changing my stiff ass tires out, but i decided to go for a ride on the trail. rode from golden gardens (the beach) out to gasworks park. about 6 miles all in all, but it felt damn good. and surprisingly, wearing only cycling shorts and a tee, i was not cold. in 41 degree weather. weird.

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the last few months...

...of my life have been absolute chaos. filled w/ drama @ work, school (not getting in), home, and all kinds of other shit. i guess this entry will be just like all my others. me bitching about randomn shit going on and why i feel like life sucks all the time.

I guess a good place to start has been all the stress i've been feeling @ work. being gay kinda isolates me a little bit from the rest of the guys, so i dont really feel like i fit in w/ them all the time, feels kinda like a locker room @ work all the time. rumors and shit flying left and right all the time.

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i just...

...watched arnold schwartzenegger kiss a bishop on the lips...no joke. video clip on e networks show. how can he be so anti-gay activist types when he kissed a guy on the lips a looong time ago? god damn hypocrite if you ask me. haha.

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lol. not a holiday i normally celebrate, but hey, since im young, drunk, and had whiskey laying around, why not? so i rolled out to this one bar in sdeattle that normally doesnt have a cover charge w/ this broke friend of mine and when we found out for st p's day thety had a charge,. we left for her new bf's pad w/ friends, bought some whiskey, wine and beers, and started drankin'! lol. at the end of the night, after reminiscing about ild times, my team mate and i rolled home drunk on our bikes (legal in seattle and wa state believe it or not ;). and then we raced each other home.

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