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Sorry, but yesterday was quite possibly the shittiest day of my life in awhile. i jsut need to rant.

so, day starts out well...kinda. go to ride my bikes @ the park to kill time, and cant stick any tricks or lines.

so i leave.

then, an hour later, i go to the local dh shop to have them look @ my shocks, and i find out one is tooo old (4 years, really???) to even get parts for anymore, and the other is fuked and i need to send it back....no good considering the first race of the season is in three weeks! fuck.

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sorryy...but i feel something needs to be said...

...so jeff, pat, adrian (if ur still around) a few points need to be addressed.

in the last few months, yes MONTHS, there have been more and more new users, w/. seemingly more and more issues of varyign types, than ive ever seen @ one point in time in the 5 years ive been on this site.

as one of the 'older'? kids on here, i feel there are some issues that jeff and the admins should probably address

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i missed...

...the beginning of it....IT even has NEGRO-plasty! hahahaha, that is horrible, but its soooo hilarious!!! lol. check it out, and gboyt and naimah, sorry if it offends you guys.

here it is:


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ever see the LES-BO'S 300 spoof on south park??? HAHAHAHA! laughin' my friggin ass off! soo funny!!!

xerxes n the persians v. the LEZZIES and Mr. Garrison! hahaha. hulu it if you cant find it on ur local tv!

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hockey night...

in canada...gotta love it! sharks v. canucks! i love hockey!

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thank you sir, may i have another...

god damn, his bro has a ton of vids on who-tube. found another from nationals last season in albany oregon. damn this makes me wanna run. i know, im a redneck. I WANNA GO FAST!!!!


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i love me some jet boat racing...this vid is of my friend rusty's rbos team in st johns last year. i NEED to get into this sport! 900+ H.P. boats on tight turns n figure 8's! love it!


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I fucking hate the state/ city!!! and working!

because theya re going to tear out and develop some of the best close by freeride and cross country trails to build a prison for minor offenders! i mean, all the NW warm up races, aka wednesday ngith world cup, cx series openers, and even the indie series (local xc mtb races) will be affected by the change! such bullshit! i am also sick of urban oasis' being torn out and or built on! w/o such great freeride near by, i will probably go insane! i need it for mental health reasons (bikers will understand)

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smoeky & the bandit and nitro circus...

...two of the best damn entertainment movies/ shows of all time! pastrana backflipped a monster truck, and smokey n the bandit reminds me of rednecks everywhere. haha.

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for all you lezzies...

...just htoght you might like this video

ur welcome


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OH man....

im gona be in pain tomorrow. otady ir ode the bikes all day long. dh/freeride n the AM, road riding in the PM. all in al, it was hiking BRUTAL DH run in the mtns @ 7 AM. then bombin down one hit wonder style since my buds had to get to work, and then i rolled the 50lb bike i was riding back to my haus 6 miles, then i rode 20-25 miles on the road bike, today was gnarly. im gonna be sore in the AM. hahha.

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did I...

somehow piss everybody on oasis off? i haven't talked to or heard from tim, bulldyke, adam (only one i can see who has reason right now), max, pat, and many others. wtf.

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i had...

...a really fun, yet humbling day today! finally got the big bike working again, and headed north to canada to ride some non-existant trails w/ my team! we got up to the trail head a little bit late,. and my team mate didn't want to take his truck to the top, so we hiked! it was brutal pushign a 50 lb dh bike up a steep, loose slope, all for the sake of a little filming and practice. after shooting some riding of fast, rolling corners, riding down the waterfalls and some rocky, rooty sections of these trails, we came to a sick spot.

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I have this feeling...that saturday is gonna kick my ass. my dh ride is finally fixed up and rideable, but i need to get my ass ready for the carnage of riding that the local dh trails usually put out.

it's been months since i've truly ridden the dh bike (not the freeride/ jump rig) and i haven't really been focusing on my riding much...like at all.

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like every other day, my number of myspace and facebook friends changes again. and every other day, one has more than the other. i guess i dont have many friends, sicne the numbers are exactly the same on each. lol.

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