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i just realized...

how stupid the phrase 'go big or go home' that i ended my last journal w/ is....because half the time when you go big, you either go home injured or your ass wakes up in the hospital. lol. just a thought. man i need to start being more careful.

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so not to sound like an attention whore or anything

but i wrecked pretty hard today. like hard core. i crashed a HUGE gap @ a secret trail in the valley and faceplanted. direct blow to teh head. cracked my helmet, got a concussion, and was literally seeing stars. if that makes sense. when i got up, brushed off the dirt and the dust, my buddies who were filming it came over and were all like take ur time bro. wtf happend?

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oh yeah...one more thing.

so tomorrow i have a few choices to make. should i go mt biking w/ a friend who is driving up from portland to rip it up on seattle's best trails, or should i stay back here @ home in the middle of nowhere and go to the center w/ that friend who i finally came out to like four weeks back.

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That's right! finally done with my applications and it feels hella good! thanks to patnelsonchilds for the great feedback on the essay, as well as brent hartinger @ the center in tacoma. all a great help on my short response essays and on the big one. I hope I will get accepted. cross your fingers. i submitted it a halh hour before it was due! lol.

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should i?

So, after coming out to chris last week, which was totally a relief, although it has created some stress over teh last week, i feel good about that decision. he has, however, re-interested me in applying for scholarship applications for pride.

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I finally did it. i came out to chris. it took me about two hours last night while im'ing him to work up the balls to do it, but i finally told him. i'll post in more details later, but right now. i don't have time. surprisingly, he said almost jeff's words exactly in reaction and promised to keep it bwtween us and on the dl, so that went well. well, i have to run. gonna go hit the slopes.

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the plan almost worked. lol. i invited the friend from past entries to go skiing this week, in hopes of talking to him on the slopes, but he couldn't make it out due to school and shit! dammit! almost worked. almost came out! over facebooks just too awkward. lol.

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just to follow the current trend on x-mas


Date of Birth:
aug 1, 1900...lol

small town in wa

Current Location:
ma room

Eye Color:
hazel/ brown

Hair Color:
Dark blonde


Mostly Irish. little scottish tho


maybe. know a few tat artists, so we'll see



should i do it (come out) or not???

100% (11 votes)
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 11
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i have this friend. he recently came out...to everyone's great surprise, as he was seemingly 100% hetero to other people in our small, redneck hometown community. btu recently, we, along w/ a huge group of friends agreed to go and se milk....which, btw, is an awesome movie- go see it!

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so this will be kinda a general update

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been awhile...like almost a year....

so, this has got to be my first entry on this site in about, oh, a year or so...most of the peeps i used to talk to are no longer on here, and other than maybe jeff and a few others, i doubt anybody here will remember me.

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so today...

...at the end of work, this bitchy lesbian co-worker of mine comes up to me and says...'lets talk'...i was like ok, and followed her into this back room @ work where people cant hear what we are talking about...so she was asking about the bike polo game on monday night and what happened after she left her bike and left w/ some friends...so during the course of the night, several peeps rode her rig

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First things first...go check this vid out on youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5A1JkRKDIqk

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So this is an update, even though everyone I used to talk to that used this site is rarely, if ever, on anymore. So many things have happened in the last month. I have gone to lake tahoe for a sick Mtb vacation, I got a job working full-time at a bike shop in seattle, and i have now found the seemingly perfect house for me in the greenlake area of seattle.

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