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Make Me International

I am tired of my Gap look, but I want to look effortless beautiful when I am at home. I want to look professional when I need to be. I also want to inject ethnicity and culture into these looks.

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I am sorry...

I am sorry I haven't put up my boyfriend's pictures on my social network profiles.

I am truely very sorry I haven't linked any of our profiles together.

I am sorry that I am sorry that I only disclose my personal life on a need to know basis.

I am sorry I have a brilliant relationship and spent all hours in our apartment.

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Siblinghood of Chicklits

Summers are marked with weddings, longer days, shorter nights, gorgeous men in fitting outfits, women in floral dresses and chicklits followed by Romcons. I bought Sex and the City, I read the last installment of Sisterhood of Traveling Pants. I will mourn the finality that Sex and the City Movie signifies, the sisterhood might bring the to prolonged if not eternal adolescence.

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Jobs, Personality, and Looks

After Successive Leadership Classes, Therapy, and other gimmicks I am yet to find out what's so not employable about me. I graduated college, with a marginal grade, still from a good college nevertheless. A piece from NPR Bryant Park about undercover reporter, freaks me out not a little, but a lot. The reporter drew a conclusion that joining a particular work force, means joining into a culture.

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Rehab Above the Cloud

I've just bought
They might be Giants - I'm Impressed
Amber - Above the Cloud
Amy Whinehouse/Winehouse - Rehab

What has everybody been listening to recently?

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Oprah's Leadership Class

I have been back to school for the past three weeks, albeit interrupted initially by the trip to London. I crafted a horrible essay, wrote less than perfect chunks of Java and Python. I began to ponder my future careers. In past I wrote a few personal statement on files.

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What if Larry Craig is not Gay?

Being homosexual is not a choice. While the theory remains unproven, but we tend to have certain suspicious toward combination of upbringing and biological factors.

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UK Present Miscegenations Law.

For marriage or civil partnership to be contracted in the UK between a UK National and a Non-EU citizen, a certificate of approval for C.M./C.P. is required to be presented to celebrant. However an exemption is made for Church of England ceremonies where marriage license can be requested from ecclesiastical court.

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My Literalism

Several weeks of illnesses (my own and my boyfriend's) and family engagement have accumulated clutter everywhere including in my mind. Coding (what's that?) has become increasingly difficult when I have a lot on my mind. The very same faculties required to churn out code and script are also used for idleness (or contemplation).

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Unwed and unconsecrated?

Love needs neither celebration nor approval. It only needs only two hearts, two souls and remembrance. For the past few days, I have been following the House of Bishops press conference. There have been some encouraging and worrying developments with the Anglican Communion.

Are you finding it difficult to an accurate representation of GLBT on mainstream Televion?

75% (9 votes)
25% (3 votes)
Total votes: 12
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Start of Something New?

I have in my hand an executive summary of GLSEN School Climate Survey for 2005. It didn't take me long to spot and to decipher the key messages of the report. Three Quarters of pupils had heard remarks such as faggot or dyke. The expressions such as “that’s so gay” or “you’re so gay,” are used commonly used to refer someone or somethings stupid or worthless.

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Can we really have it all; muscle, brain, and love?

Can we really have it all; muscle, brain and love?

Gay culture venerate looks, physique. Recent it also looks for role models among itself

A sketchy image of a perfect gay man began to emerge. It is sketchy, neverthless it is an image that many of us including myself began to use as a guidance.

I came a cross Channel4's GaytoZ on the on demand service.

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Freedom of Expression is a Human Right, but evagelization is a privilege which can never be granted to any students in school.

Silver ring is an expression of her faith and had argued in court that it should be exempt from school regulations banning the wearing of jewelery said Lydia Playfoot, pastor's daughter and high school graduate from West Sussex.1 The row began when Miss Playfoot took a chastity pledge at the age of 14 and began to wear silver ring to school.

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Walk Away and Stay Push

Everyday and every time I met with Oliver, has been a bit of a heartache. It does not get any easier. I am feeling I just fell in love with this man. My relationship with this boy has been very unique. We used to have our separated lives. I had clubbing and Marc. That later was succeeded by KennyD. Oliver's relationship ended recently, but I have been hanging out with him after his relationship began to deteriorate.

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