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Reconvining of the Dead poets society

An invitation to the daring, a warning to the wise...
here unfolds a forum, not so murky in its guise...
Come one, come all, arrive!
Let it be told...let poetry be rife- seeking those who wish verse to melt like warm butter, dripping from their mouths and with every breath an awareness I am ALIVE...a word to the bold and the respond, do share...this invitation...the reconvining of a dead poets society forum in this blog...

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I'm Baaack!

Well I've missed Oasis but my break was slightly longer as my computer wouldn't let me access the site (when it was still accessible- I know this as I checked at a cyber cafe).
I found a niche in Livejournal also and that numbed the pain somewhat.I haven't stopped writing, have written a *lot* of poetry so will post soon :-)

Have you ever questioned your gender?

Trans and PROUD!
3% (2 votes)
Yes, and I've just acknowledged it to a few people
5% (4 votes)
Yeah, sometimes- but just in my head
21% (16 votes)
I'm comfortable in my identity but I like to genderfuck
29% (22 votes)
No, why would I ever want or need to do that?
33% (25 votes)
3% (2 votes)
What's gender?
7% (5 votes)
Total votes: 76
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