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i guess i need advice

my gf has just lost her ex last night and i dnt know how to help her i dnt know what to do, we never got on me and her ex it was just pure hate, she made me jealous and god yh it fked me right off, now my gf cnt stop crying and shes gone bk to alcohol and im trying so hard to be there but what can i do her mom has banned us from seeing eachother and were 15, yeah young i know but its life.

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creed-six feet from the edge

please come now
I think I'm falling
holding on a wall and thinking
seems I found a road to no where
and I'm trying to escapeand back when I'm heard thunder
but I'm down to one last breath
and with it let me say, let me say

hold me now I'm six feet from the edge
and I'm thinking
maybe six feet ain't so far down

I'm looking down
now thats its over
reflecting on all of my mistakes

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i dont wanna be alone!

Cant run away from love if you cannot feel
Everything falls apart in a tragedy
I am so far away from gone
I just wanna be here
Everyone forms apart in my symphony

Can you feel this in your heart
Can you take it to your soul
I don't want you to pretend
I don't wanna be alone

Feels like im torn apart
And I cannot bleed
Caught in the web you made
This just can't be real
I am so far away from gone

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broken child

A little girl-so sweet & shy
a trusted freind made her cry
from ages 6 to 12 years old
"it's our secret" he said - she never told
growing up feeling empty & lost
did he know how much it would cost?
No! he didn't care about the child standing there
dealing with self-hatred - drowning in tears
he just cared about his sexual needs
now she stands here - needing to bleed
taking a razor - being precise

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my feelings

feeling super crap oh man im realy missing the person i love so much it hurts not speaking to her i just want to be held in her arms, man im feeling crap new years in about 25minutes over here not excited at all just blastin my music drinking beer missing her so much why cant the pain ease a least a little bit i cant think eat or sleep god if only i could be with her i love her so god dam much . w

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everydays a struggle to hold on
what seems like forever has only begun
wasted time, wasted space
should i be gone, lost without a trace

to never see daylight again
or to live everysecond in pain
to become someone im not
or shall i just be forgot

to be gone and for noone to know
for what have i got left to show
everything taken away
to have no breathe or say

lost everything i had to hold on to

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the scars im left with hurt
knowing i cut my wirst
to let the pain i feel out
now im left with my mind and body scared
everyday i struggle because it's to hard
cant take control of this
so im taking my life to end the misery
feeling that all of this is my fault
my life has come to a hault
can't go forward to scared
can't eat or sleep get nightmares
keep myself to me
so noone can see
the real me

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without you!

i cant let you go
without you i've got nothing to show
you make me feel somthing i've never had
when im with you im not sad

i feel like im something
but when your gone im worth nothing
you show me something noone has
and when your gone i feel trapped in a bottled glass

there taking you away from me
why cant they just see
i shut myself from them
they might aswell not see me again

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far away

this time this place
too long, too late
who was i to make you wait
just one chance
just one breathe
just incase theres one left
cause you know
you know, you know

that i love you
i haved loved you all along
and i miss you
been far away for far too long
i keep dreaming youl be with me
and youl never go
stop breathing if
i dont see you anymore

on my knees il ask

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there are children standing here arms ourstreached into the sky
tears drying on there face, he has been here
brothers lying in the shadow graves
fathers lost without a trace, a nation blind to there disgrace
since hes been here

and i see no bravery, no bravery in your eyes anymore only sadness
and i see no bravery, no bravery in your eyes anymore only sadness
only sadness

houses burned beyond repair

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tears and rain

i wish i could surrender my soul
share the clothes that become my skin
see a light that burns within my meaning
i wish id choosen darknes from cold
i wish i screamed outloud instead i found no meaning

i guess it time i run for falling rain find comfort in pain
all pleasures the same it just keeps me from trouble
hides my true shape like dorian gray
iv heard what they say
but im not here for trouble its more than words its tears and rain

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