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I LOVE MEN (sexual content, anyone?)

yeah, i'm gay.

anyhow, since you don't know who I am, i'm gonna talk about sex. and girls. and cocks?

k sooo I was doing a little bit of "websurfing" the other day. can we say... porno? ok, i dont do it often. But sometimes I am in the mood. So i'm like searching random shit, and sometimes, straight pictures come up. You know, some girl with big boobs jacking off a guy. A blowjob. Some real vaginal premarital sex. So let me tell you something. I've decided something AMAZING that i really always knew: I dont like lesbian porn because there's no PENIS! obviously i prefer gay porn, cuz then there are two or more penisi, but like straight porn does nothing for me. Vaginas are just holes to me. Sure, someday i'll lose my "straight virginity" out of curiousity, but until then, i dont care about the va-jay-jay. I NEVER fantasize about girls. rarely/never. And if I do, it's nothing special. But guys? OOOOoooh.... if my parents didn't tell me that i couldn't watch porn... i would be all over that like white on rice. I LOVE GAY PORN, i'm SORRY!


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I always knew Aladdin was Gay!

Scratch that last entry.
Breakdown are not good times for thinking about things. I decided that I'm just very feminine. Wow I love embarrassing myself.

so... I saw this thing on which is a gay blog (kinda funny/cool) and it was like "GayDays" at Disney world and I was like are you fucking kidding me? and then I saw which is fucking hilarious! aaaH HAHAHA. Everyone, it's a crisis! We have to keep disney world Faggot-Free! Oh gosh, what an asshole. Anywho, i thought it was really funny.

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alright it's short

So today at school:
Me: either the paper cutter's not straight, or my lines aren't straight.
Someone in the class: YOU're not straight!!

hahaha just have to laugh at that one

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lots of topics lol

K so a lot of things going on… paragraph 1 – gayla. 2 – family life. 3 – Une Robe d’été. 4 – She’s the Man 5 – friends. 6 – gayness in general

So a few weeks ago, my GSA held a “gayla

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Sex and Stones may break my bones

I don't like this as much as my last one, full bloom, but oh well.

We sit together by the old cherry tree
This love is but a game of loss and gain
It’s the cliché gay couple, all happy and free
Ignore the others’ eyes, filled with disdain.
Ejaculate turmoil and ratify self-worth
We’re out on a mission to prove our love exists
We’re as good as anyone else on this hell-on-earth
Prove it baby, and show me bliss
But sex cannot do for the world what it can do for us
We can’t show the world how we can be superb
Education is necessary, acceptance a plus
But our relationship will always disturb
In the end they cannot handle our lives
Their words are not like sticks and stones, but sharpened knives.

Mr Roboto

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Full Bloom

Divide me into pieces with your little tiny hands
Let me know what you find, am I gay, bi or trans?
This torturous surgery is because of perjery:
I committed the crime of sweet love sublime.
I have a "freak flag", flaming fag
the definition is in itself creation of my rainbow body bag
But the good rain fell and quenched my cells
drenched my hair and the fires of hell
Get me out of this closet operation room
watch out:
nature's defect and society's nightmare in full bloom.

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Joyous Holiday Event to be Politically Correct

I’m writing a story about a love polygonal prism… and swimming.
Yes, I said “love polygonal prism

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Sexuality Snob

Snobbery is human nature at it’s most deceiving; it’s harshest. It manifests itself both physically and emotionally. We judge people based on their lifestyles that we know nothing about because they seem to be beneath us in their actions. But what can I say? That I don’t? No! I’m writing this because I do! I especially use my sexuality as a reason to be snobby.

For example, the other day I was forcedto go into the barbershop. Now, lemme tell you. I Hate the Barber Shop in Capital Letters. Hate. And what do I see but a bunch of graying old men and badly decorated walls. The buzz of the clippers harmonizing with the 40’s music blasting from the old radio, these guys couldn’t be more suited to their job. They were all friendly. Yet I was still uncomfortable. And why? It was too manly. And I Could. Not. Take. It. I am so used to the damn salon where they wash your stupid hair and chitchat like squirrels. I cannot stand the macho thing. It bothers me.

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Anyone who wnats to read brokeback mountain

I found it after much searching at

it looks like it, i think, i didnt read it yet, cant wait lol

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