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it seems like all i ever do on here is whine.

I just found out that one of girlfriend's good friends has a crush on her. It's upset me so much. I know my girlfriend won't cheat on me but I’m afraid that if it came down to me VS. Steph (her friend), she would choose me out of duty and not because she likes me more.

I'm so jealous of all the time they spend together. Steph was talking about all of the long phone conversations they've had and all of the fun times they've had together and how much she loooooooves Lauren and how she can't figure Lauren out and it drives her crazy and how amazing she is and how Lauren tells her sooo much and it makes me want to curl up and cry. It makes me feel like Lauren tells me nothing. She has forgotten and choosen not to tell me two pretty important things just in the last two days.

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Let him go ruin someone else's week.

The situation with my guy friend (let’s call him C) that I talked about in my last post has escalated so much in the past couple of days.

At my friend’s birthday party, which happened the day after I came out to C, he acted like everything was just fine. It obviously wasn’t. He flirted with me and was constantly putting his hands on the back of my chair with my girlfriend sitting right next to me.

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arghhh this week

This week has been so hard. School was boring and difficult (a seemingly impossible combo) because of finals. I got an A on my French and algebra finals but I got a C on my bio final. My semester GPA is 3.71 which was my goal but I still wish I had done better. Oh well there's always next time.

Then a couple of nights ago my gf and I got into the same stupid fight as always a.b when she cheated one me. I constantly try to start things just b.c I’m in a shit mood. God it sounds so stupid when I write it down.

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High school students please help me out!!!

I know this looks reeaaaaallly long, but it would help me so much. Please answer each questions to the best of your ability and include as much detail as you see fit. Anything and everything you can provide me with will help!! If you do not plan on attending college, you only need to answer the questions under “introduction

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