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literally years

Literally years since I've written properly here. Bizarre. Not bizarre - predictable. I went rogue for a while and printed a paper zine instead. I think I needed to see concrete paper evidence that I could produce something for an audience. For a while, I couldn't do both.

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few things get me out of bed this early on a sunday morning, but i'm trying to win some extremely cheap videos on ebay. so here i am. and what greets me but a shiny new oasis with pretty buttons!!!

Hooray for Adrian! Hooray for oasis!

Hooray for sleep!

(I'm going back to bed - I'll play with this new toy more later.)


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my new song from Homo! the Musical

From the musical I've decided to write, sung in true musical theatre style. (Or a companion piece to 'The Lesbian Song'...)

“I Just Blew This Guy

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A Quickie

Hiya to all new and old and welcome back to the decrepit among you. :) Happy Christmas, Chanukah, Yule, Solstice, Kwaanza...oh yeah and Happy New Year! (Nearly...)

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"There are 150 guests online"!

Looking to my left a few moments ago, I noticed with shock that there were 150 guests online. 150 guests! GUESTS! Now, as a bona fee-day member with a name anda, anda blog an everything, that kinda makes me one of the hosts!


You got your canapes over here, and your vegan hors d'oeuvres over here, and some little tiny pizza bagels (aren't they cute?) and some little spring rolls, and some fruit and vegetables, and tortilla chips and salsa, and some things with toothpicks and skewers in them, and cheese and crackers, and cookies! Little tiny cookies! Gluten-free cookies! Dairy-free cookies! Nut-free cookies! And pie. Lots and lots of pie. And chocolate covered strawberries. (See? I'm even gettin out the good stuff for u guys.)

I'm runnin around like a chicken with my little lesbian head cut off here, ok?
How do I prepare for 150 guests? Even scarier, how do I prepare for 150 guests who are

a) already here


b) people i DON'T KNOW!


What's your favourite sense?

13% (5 votes)
34% (13 votes)
3% (1 vote)
3% (1 vote)
47% (18 votes)
Total votes: 38
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Tongue Piercing and Vague, Unintentional Cannibalism

This is weird. When you fill in the blog form, you have to put the title. (See above.) But then it says body (like meaning body text), and I suddenly thought body piercing? no...tongue piercing... Sorry if that doesn't make sense.

Anyway, I'm waffling because I'm putting off mentioning that I bit through my tongue.

I did. I was watching tv and eating a tv dinner (well, I thought they went together and all...) and I was even being a total slacker and using a plastic fork so I wouldn't have to wash up. I hate injuring myself alone because it's like...what do you do? The panicky feeling is there but there's no one there to freak out with you so you have to like...be the calm one and the panic-head simultaneously to keep yourself company and keep yourself sane. Ooh...'like...' appears in the same way twice up there. Neat-o.

But I'm going down the road to tangent hell so I'll get back to my tongue.

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i just ordered ko imani's book

i'm pretty excited to read it.

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the recording studio, take 1

While I sit here eating the hersheys kiss, reading the poetry book and listening to les mis, all gifts from the cornbreaded one for my last song, I will tell you my recent adventure recording the song before that.

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In which Tiki greatly exaggerates everything.

WOWIE!!! A million new members and a gajillion new blogs to read today!!! I have a short attention span and let me tell you THIS is AWESOME. So...HELLO NEW PEOPLE! I've written you a song! (Read on for the song. I wouldn't inflict it on others without a warning.)

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Tiki rages againt the corporate machine.

Have you ever been told that you were going to see a power point presentation? And got a little excited about it? Thought, ‘Oh, a power point presentation. Neat.’ And then looked forward ever so slightly to whatever event you now knew included a power point presentation?


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here is a song for all you ladies out there

A folk song I wrote. Imagine it sung by me while I strum my acoustic guitar. It’s phranc meets tom green. :) thank you very much.

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:) the life and times of a queer punk dj

yay :) music makes me happy. :)

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latest 'outing'

in a couple of weeks, this unsigned band i know is sleeping on the floor of my front room whilst on tour - my gf made me come out to them first.

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tomorrow is...

talk like a pirate day :)

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