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K now i have for different was to connect with you w00t.
Yahoo Messenger - black_mage_dark_lord
MSN Messenger - gothic_prince_of_doom_0806@hotmail.com
ICQ - 259294425
AIM - DEBlackHeart


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I'm bored and new to this site. I'm a 15 yo male living in the U.S. I have both Yahoo and MSN messengers. I would appriciate it if someone woudl add me and talk to me. My ims are

Yahoo: black_mage_dark_lord@yahoo.com

MSN: gothic_prince_of_doom_0806@hotmail.com

I also have a myspace and will give it to you if you pm me on here or on the above. TTYL! ~Dark Lord~

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One more for today!

How could you

How could you say what you said
Make me feel cold just like the undead
How could you say what you said

How could you do what you did
Left me to die couldn’t give a shit
Left me helpless alone in the world
When all I wanted was to be loved
How could you do what you did

How could you live like you do
Not a care in the world
You live off of evil and worldly things
How can you live like you live

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Here is another one i got loads that i wrote.

Your Eyes

When I look in your eyes what do I see
I see the hurt the hurt of your soul
When I look in your eyes what do I here
I here the crying of your broken heart

When I look in your eyes what do I feel
I feel the hatred inside you spirit
When I look in your eyes what do I taste
I taste your many tears that have fallen

When I look in your eyes what do I say
I say im here no need the be afraid

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Here is a poem i wrote. It is free form so dont get annoyed lol.


My covering veil
My comforting spell
I lay in its arms to comfort my hell

The color of my heart and my soul
It gives me strength to overcome my woe
I have no light to brighten my day
I depend on the black the keep me away

It’s here in black’s house I stay
He gives me food
He gives me strength
He makes a bed for me to sleep upon
I depend on the black to keep me alive

It covers my pain

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I am am new to this site, it is pretty kool. I made a new friend well sorta of, i am kinda waiting on him to send another reply. LOL! But anyway add me on my yahoo or msn if you want to. If anyone has myspace pm me with it and ill add you to mine!

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