Am I doomed to die alone?

25% (1 vote)
25% (1 vote)
Not Sure
25% (1 vote)
I'm not answering that!
25% (1 vote)
Total votes: 4
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I met a guy....

I met a guy online about two weeks ago on POF and he seems nice. We are meeting up on Friday for some coffee. I am excited about all of this! The last guy who I went out on a date basically stopped talking to me all together. He works as a social worker and understands I have some needs and issues and is willing to see if we are compatible with each other.

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I FINALLY got a date tomorrow at five! We're going to dinner and a movie and that's it. i'm going to meet him in public!

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What's the point of all of this?

I'm basically going to the dentist which is actually against my beliefs and my will. I'm only going because my sister is making me. I think flossing and brushing of the teeth is HIGHLY unnatural. And don't give me the "it promotes long life" BS either. John Adams lived to be 90 during a time where people usually died at age 50 and THEY didn't floss or brush their teeth. And have you EVER seen a gorrilla brush its teeth before? Of course not because it just isn't natural!

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I Think I'm Gonna Die Alone...

It's been a long time since I was last here. New Year's Day kind of made me realize that I'm probably will NEVER meet anyone and will die alone. I'm serious. Everytime I meet a guy, he's either straight, taken, or both and those that are single talk to me for about two weeks and the suddenly stop corresponding with me without even telling me why! I just can't meet anyone that I am get so desperate that I'll take just about ANY guy willing to talk to me. I just feel so pathetic. I haven't even gone on a date in my entire LIFE! Maybe I'm just unwantable....

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Disturbing thoughts....

Lately I've been thinking of drugging my friend so I can "play" with him all I want. I am starting to plan on slipping a sedative in his energy drink without him realizing it. Alcohol won't work since he's only 19 and has a high tolerance to the stuff. In these thoughts I see myself ripping off his clothes and then having some fun. It's twisted I know but I can't seem to control the urge to have my way with him any longer! Advice would be nice!

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I have a friend....

I have a friend I met earlier his year and he knows I'm gay. The thing is I think he's adorable and want to do things to him but he's completely straight! Unless he had no choice and it was with either Johnny Depp as Sweeny Todd or Elijah Wood. I think about this a lot! And also is it a fetish if I like touching his ear only because I like seeing his reaction and nothing else?

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I have an eBay problem....

I KEEP on clicking the Buy It Now button on everything I like and can't seem to stop. Please help me! I'm on a budget and this isn't good considering I've clicked on it to pay for 6 things plus three auctions ending soon! I tried buying one item once and month and keep getting carried away!

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Anyone remember me?

A lot has happened since I last came here. I moved into my own apartment and met several guys. There is one I met I think will turn into a serious relationship but he hasn't called me back for a month since he was in the hospital. I hope he calls me soon!

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Geico Parody

I came up with a great parody of those "saving money by switching to Geico" commercials. Here it is:

(Open up to a fancy resturant with candles light on the tables. A man and a woman are sitting at a table.
Woman: I can't believe you did this for our one year anniversary!
Man (Grabbing Woman's hand): I have something important to say to you.
Woman (Anxiously): Yes?

Would you "lick Mr. [Seth] Green like a lolipop?"

Oh yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
44% (4 votes)
If I was drunk....
0% (0 votes)
If by Seth Green you mean imagine [Insert favorite male celebrity name]
11% (1 vote)
Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww...NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
33% (3 votes)
Who's Seth Green?
11% (1 vote)
Total votes: 9
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Song with lyrics I changed for Heath on his birthday....

I know it's late but I want to post it anyway....

Sukiyaki (Japanese Love Song) A Taste of Honey Version
Verse 1
It's all because death took you
That I'm feeling sad and blue.
You went away
Now my life is just a rainy day.
I loved you so
How much you'll never know.
You went away and left me feeling empty.

Verse 2
Untouchable memories
Seem to keep haunting me
Of a love for you

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Another tribute to Heath Ledger

I wrote some more words to songs that express my love for Heath. Here they are:

Candle in the Wind
Verse 1
Good bye Heath Ledger
Even though I never knew you at all
You touched many hearts including my own.
You had so much talent
And the courage to kiss another man
Which many others would never do
And it seems to me you lived your life
Like a candle in the wind

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Tribute to Heath Ledger

Here are some songs that I had rewritten the words to to explain and share with everyone about my love for Heath Ledger. If you don't know the song I based a song on, look it up on line to hear the song. Here they are:

The First Time Ever I Saw Heath's Face
(To the tune of The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face by Roberta Flack)
Verse 1:
The first time ever I saw Heath's face,

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Barbies Mattel would NEVER make...

I came up with a list of some pretty ideas for Barbies that they would never make. I list some of them now and their description. Here we go!

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