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I was a self-mutilator

I haven't been on this site for a while now but I wanted to do a blog as a form of letting people be aware that guys can also be self-mutilators too. The media I think make it seem more like a problem that only women get like Anorexia nervosa. I was pulling out hair out from my legs and really never considered it as serious. My guardian was the only person asking me questions about my legs.

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4 more days until I turn 21!!!!

It will be quite different for me. But I know it would really be hard for me to become a full-fledged alcoholic considering that my medications won't react too well with alcohol. So unless I want to pass out and go to the emergancy room to get my stomach pumped, I won't really be drinking a whole lot.

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How the meeting was....

It went pretty well. I was in the "First Time" group and it was small. It had two leaders and three other people besides me in it. Two were a mother and daughter that came for support. I did meet other people though and am looking forward to going to the next meeting!

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Sunday is the first meeting for me in a GLBT group!!!!

I'm looking forward to meeting new people and making new friends like me!!!! I think this will help me a lot!!!!

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Argumentation Paper for Class

I had to write an argumenative paper for my college writing class and I just wanted to share it with everyone. Here it is! Tell me what you think.

“Why We Should Allow Gay and Lesbian Couples Adopt Children

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Found a PFLAG group in my area!!!!

I finally found a support group near where I live! It is about an hour away from my house but is worth it if it means that I can make new friends and become comfortable around other gay people!!!!

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My college has a booth set up for prevention of STDs. It is quite akward for me because they have a sign on a container full of condoms instructing us to take one or two. I am STILL a virgin and only took the free candy that they had and enetered the raffle drawing to get a DVD.

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Ho hum....

Yet another boring day for me. I STILL haven't met anyone yet. I'm actually begining to wonder if I'll become like Andy from "40 Year Old Virgin." I know it sounds ridiculous but I honestly DO wonder about it!

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Parody of Those Visa Checkcard and Annoying Verizon "Can You Hear Me Now?" Guy Commercials

I came up with this one to get rid of that annoying guy from the Verizon commercials. Here it is!

(Verizon Guy Talking on Phone and Walking Around While Narrator Speaks)
Price of Verizon Cell Phone: $99+ Tax and Service Charge
Price of Making This Commercial: $2000
Price to Air it During the Super Bowl: $200,000,000
(As a UFO Appears over the Guy's Head)
Price of Seeing That Annoying "Can You Hear Me Now" Verizon Guy Being Blown Up By Aliens...

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I'm bored....

My only classes i had today in college was cancelled and now I'm bored. I just started seeing a new thrapist two weeks ago that deal with gay issues. I am comfortable with him and trust him greatly already. I see him again today. He is going to help me figure out what to say to people and understands what goes on in my head. I still haven't met anyone and still feel quite lonely. BTW like my avatar?

For the guys.... Are you a....

9% (2 votes)
0% (0 votes)
Boy Next Door
41% (9 votes)
Gym Bunny
0% (0 votes)
Muscle Man (Body Builder)
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Bear (Hairy)
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Some Other Type
50% (11 votes)
Total votes: 22
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A story for my College Writing class

We have to write a narrative for next Thursday. I'm basing mine off of the famous "Living Doll" Twilight Zone episode. It has completely different characters and the doll is called "Gabby Gina." Gina is really just a doll that has a computer-chip in it to walk, talk, interact with certain sounds and objects, and make facial expressions. Joe, my main character basically thinks that Gabby Gina is alive and out to get him when he only hears parts of sentences the toy says.

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Yet another lonely day for me....

I still have no idea how to ask someone out on a date. Man! I am sooooooooooooo naive when it comes to relationships!!!! I'm just like thae Madonna song "Like A Virgin" with the fact that I've never been on a date before and never been with anyone in my life as well as being a virgin!!!!

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I occasionally wonder if I'll ever meet that special someone!

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