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boyfriend fun

Yes well needless to say tonight rocked my socks off...well not literally but you get the point! Yeah I just can't believe how awesome my boyfriend is. We actually had that talk today so we're all official and whatnot, everyone's on the same page. And of course we did some other stuff too.... but i'm not saying what!

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Grrrrr curfews!!!

Yeah I had to come home early today because of my curfew. WHAT IS THEIR PURPOSE???? I mean I could have stayed out later with my boyfriend cuddled up next to him watching another movie. Hey give us a break we were running around Capitol Hill all today! We deserved our nice relaxing, though not particularly good, films. Anyways I'm honestly trying to figure out why I need a curfew? I mean I turn 18 in little less than a month and then they can't give me a curfew? Or can they? I mean seriously it's not like we're having sex yet! So what do they have to worry about???? And even if I were we would be safe! Personally I think this is just a way for thm to try and control me this last year that I'm at home.

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I LOVE....

I LOVE MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE MY FRIENDS!!!!! AND I LOVE ONE PERSON IN PARTIUCLAR WHO IS SOOOO HANDSOME, SWEET, AND FUNNY!!!!!!!!!! No... I didn't happen to spend a whole evening with him again.... what would ever have given you that idea. : P

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Can't contain myself...

Yeah... sorry I just couldn't contain my happiness tonight so I thought i'd post something that might reeave some of what i'm feeling. I'M SO FUCKING HAPPY!!!!!!!! I spent my evening wrapped in the arms of an absolutely hot guy! My goodness I really hope something results between us! And.... of course something of great excitement FIRST KISS FROM GUY!!!! GOD IT WAS SOOOO AMAZING!!! HE IS SO AMAZING!!!!!!

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Man o man i'm soooooo excited for this thursday!!! Initially it started out as me basically chaperoning my friend and her new boyfriend to make sure they don't do anything rash, and I wasn't to excited about this. But earlier today I talked to one of my friends online and got her to come and to bring her friend. Ok well I have such a crush on this friend of hers, and even though he's older than me I'm hoping something will work out between us.

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I'm sooo excited!

I'M SOOO EXCITED FOR THE 25TH!!!! PRIDE PARADE IN SEATTLE!!!! WOOT WOOT!!! lol Yeah this'll be my first one and i'm planning on maybe meeting up with some friends at a club afterwards. Either that or go out to dinner with my sis and aunt. Lol who knows with me, my plans have a distinct way of never turning out the way i planned. But that keeps life interesting right? Well just wanted to get that off my chest. Hmmm maybe the guy I have a crush on will want to go.... tee hee ; ) Love you guys!

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GeniusFrenchie changes name

Hi um update I got bored with my old name so I changed it to Hyacinthus. Just thought i'd let you all know!

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*sigh* I just broke up with my boyfriend 30 min ago. Though it was mutual so it didn't really get ugly. But i've decided i'm through with long-distance relationships. Finito!

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Wow i haven't posted or been on oasis in quite a while due to MASSIVE homework, IB testing, and a horrible stomach flu. But now i'm back and better than ever! Lol. Well i just wanted to say Hi to everyone and point out i'm still alive here! he he "oim not dead yet!" (Monty Python humor if you can imagine me with the accent) Well i'll post more when i've written a bit more of my term paper. Caiou d

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LOL though it's such an awesome song but i can't get it out of my head!! By the Artic Monkeys i present:

I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor
Stop making the eyes at me, I'll stop making the eyes at you
And what it is that surprises me, is that I don't really want you too
And your shoulders are frozen (cold as the night)
Over you're an explosion (your dynamite)
Your name isn't Rio, but I don't care for sand

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AAAARRRGGGGGHHHHHH!!! I HATE BEING SICK!!!!! Yeah so I have a stomach flu and can't go to school so I decided to post on here and comment while listening to "La Vie Boheme". lol BLEH SICKNESS!

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My Return...

Hi everyone! I've returned from Whistler (not that anyone cares) and just watched RENT. So feeling kinda odd I decided to say hi to everyone! Isn't love SPECTACULAR? Sorry, i'm just a little overwhelmed by emotion right now, mainly sadness because i cannot be with the one i love right now, but also sheer joy over the relationship we do have. I dunno, i'm feeling a lot right now, maybe i'll post one of the poems i wrote later.

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Painting fingernails

Well I'm really bored and have like 5 miniutes to kill so i thought i'd just write something about my day. Apparently my mom told my carpool's mom that i'm gay, but it's no big deal because she's cool with that and plus i don't care who knows i'm gay. Lol one funny thing that happened today is that during english my friend turned to me and said "David, YOU HAVE TO LET ME PAINT YOUR NAILS!" I was like "ok Shannon...." so now i dunno if i'm gonna let her.

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YES!!! BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN COMES OUT ON DVD ON TUESDAY!!! I'M SO EXCITED!!! Lol my sis wants me to go buy t the day it comes out so we can watch it. 1 more day!!! lol this was really random!

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Yay! Summer Plans!

Well I'm really excited for summer right now because my aunt invited me to go sped time with her at her condo downtown so that I can meet her gay friends and get a better feel for the gay life in seattle! I'm really excited!!!! Plus she's such a cool person and I like spending time with her anyways! OOO I'm also really excited because i'm taking a trip to ireland and britain this summer too! Hopef

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