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Pictures of My friend Loren i.e. Music is 1337

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Loren making stained "glass window"

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She posed, I usually don't do that but hey it worked.

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Ain't talking to her no more.

I finally decided I'm not talking to that person anymore. She doesn't respect me. And she doesn't care about me either. I dont' know why she continued to talk to me after I told her I was gay, honestly she didn't for two monthes and I thought our relationship was fine. But then she sort of gave me an ultimatum that if I was going to talk aboutbeing gay or talking about other gay people I would have to find new friends..

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I am S0 screwed

Why? I don't even understand this myself. I know you can't exactly help who you get crushes on but comeone give me a chance at least once. I don't understand why I get crushes on straight girls all the time.
Yeah so my new crush is straight. And I haven't told her. I don't know when I will.Though I have a little but of hope, not that I won't be turned down but that I will actually be thought of

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The things I miss

I miss the feeling of your arms around me
Miss the walks in the pouring rain
Miss the noon brunches
Miss the kisses when you knew I missed you

I miss the chocolate strawberries in the fridge
And the way you used to feed me at midnight
I miss the laundry sheets
The way the bed used the smell of roses

I miss the moon light dinners by the beach
I miss the sand between my toes
The glimmer in your eye

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My own secret

So my friend, Loren told me about this website. She recently told all of our friends that she is bisexual. I have known that for a while and support her 100% in what she does.
I have my own little secret. I'm a lesbian. And while a handful of my friends know and don't even think of me as a different person. My parents would kick me out of the house if I told them.
I don't want to feel like I have to hide.

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