Would you take the Straight pill right now, if there were one?

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Classy, Angry Moms

So a quickie from me to you on Thanksgiving day in CANADA!

Well the other day these terrible contractors the company we're using to renovate our downstairs washroom (a.k.a. powderroom :) ) showed up for the third time only to have the incorrect materials.

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My Call for a Kiss-and-Tell

Well, within the past week I managed to commandeer Lovelyboy's phone number. So last night I plucked up some energy, courage and the incentive of that LOVELY cheek kiss and dialed.

I had actually called earlier but got the answering machine, this time I got a human being though.

Me: "Hello, is Lovelyboy there? "
Papa Lovelyboy: "Yes, may I ask who's calling?"

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I Hate Being Right?

In my last entry I *glazed* over a mostly entirely random acquaintance that happened to be a male, was easy on the eyes and chatty enough. This individual also happened to give me a desire-infusing kiss on the cheek before I darted away for the night.

Well, in that same entry I speculated about why he might have done it at that instant.

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O-M-G I Want More. A Boy Kissed Me.

Yes, the news is in. Last night I was at a work event and there were 40-70 other people there, a lot around my age. I had to say some things in front of the group and it all went fine, but I actually didn't know many of the people there at all.

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I came out to a coworker today.

I did it because the coworker was asking me questions and I was asking them questions and they asked if I had a 'significant other' and I somehow took the que and said not until later on... and I'm not sure about my current feelings/somethingorother. And they nodded and went on and I went on and we talked about it for about 10 minutes.

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I was just re-reading some of Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy, starting with the Golden Compass. I just typed Golden with an 'a' twice before I realized what was wrong with it, ahhhh!

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Fun Day

I had a fun day today! At one point of the day, my friend commented on two guys out of a row ahead of us who were talking and I could tell they were gay but they also happened to be from a Catholic school. Well whatever.

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Grr I want to say Cute!

Blah this is a horrible thing in and of itself but all day I've been wanting to say that so-and so looks cute, or someone's voice is cute or my crush is SO cute. But I haven't!

I feel pretty upbeat right now and all but I self-consciously checked myself each time I wanted to call something cute since it would've sounded 100% gay with the mood I'm in added with the simple word.

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Teardrop-laced Dreams

So I had a dream last night after a semi-random girl who I'd call a 'friend' called me up! I never would've thought ANYTHING unique about her since she's pretty average in every single way, no offense to her; and I've heard her label herself as such 3+ times. Anyway, when she called I immediately thought:

A) Is she a lesbian and trying to come out to me/ask about my sexuality?

How Much Sleep Do You Regularly Get?

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My sleep hours are VERY erratic.
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Being Brought Up a Classist

So if you Track me and go to my comment in my last journal entry you may see where this stems from. Right now I'm still stuck on my super crush who should hopefully become much more... who has a relatively recent 'physical mar'. Oh noes. I wouldn't call myself shallow, but aren't I for caring SO much about this?

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Wow I'm Amazing

Yes, I'm amazing.

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Sometimes I Feel Like I Waste Time

Sometimes I feel like I waste so much time! I see amazing artists (of all sorts, duh) on television and admire their vocal ability, dance moves, physical appearance, creativity or something else and wind up with the conclusion that: Their lives and livelihood are based around those things, so they ALWAYS spend time on those things.

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Gimme More

So I tried posting last night but got the spam message that looked all pretty and pink in the box with a red border... it really did look appealing!

For the past several days I've had this song going through my head, wooooo, I'm such a sad pop addict sometimes:

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