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So my heart actually sped up...

When I saw my crush today!

Do You Pray to a Higher Power (i.e. 'God')?

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So I watched some of the movie Click [avec Adam Sandler] last night. It was decent, some parts were very funny but the majority of it was lacklustre by far. After reading myself to sleep a few hours later though, I drifted off imaging having a remote control or some means of pausing things, and talking to my crush (or engaging in eye flirtation), hitting pause and then kissing his lips, mmmmm.

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Mother F*cker

Horrible land, my crush did not show up for registration today! I was helping out for HOURS and no show at all. However, I did find out that he has the first class of the day with me. Which sort of sucks since I hate first period most of the time, and it's not as strong of a subject for me.

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Hoping to Convey Gay to My Crush

Tomorrow is registration and I'm volunteering for part of the day anyway, long story short - I'm hoping my crush (1 year my senior but back for a whiles) will not only be there... but that I'll be able to pull him away from anyone else around and convey that I'm gay and ask him if he is too.

*Fingers crossed*

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I think I'm in for a Disconnected Year

I've been trying to get into contact with schoolmates for the past few days and heard hardly a peep back, ahhhhhhh. I'm not sure if most are on vacation or outright ignoring me or not outright ignoring me or planning to get back to me later or WHAT, but it's getting to me as of right now.

How often do you get depressed and not mention it to someone?

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We Don't Need No Education

Ok go to the vid below to 2:48 and keep watching.

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Repetitive, semi-distant sounds can be ANNOYING

I'm typing this while through my window the sound of some construction drill grinding THING makes it's way to my ears. They've been doing construction in this area for a few weeks now, none of the workers are attractive but the machines weren't too bothersome... until now.

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Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!

I spent time putting in the tags for this entry haha. Well Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! = ABBA's song about a Man After Midnight (insert giggles if you want), it's also covered by the group A*Teens.

So I'm listening to it.

And you're reading about my listening to it.

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O-O <- What do you see, mr/mrs. crazy?

Sooo, if you read the subject, what does:


look like to you? You should let me know and I'll assess your cognitive abilities.

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Hey Again from the Holy Land!

Well haha, this is an update from me, who hasn't posted on here in a chunk of a whiles! Where my story left off... let's see, it was with me in summer school and having sent my crush a note and having him not said anything to me, and me wanting to be courageous on the last day and kiss him.

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Listening to and was watching

, lead singer looking nice again with the blondiness!

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So my crush didn't say anything about the note, we didn't talk at all today. It's not like he was avoiding me, but I tried hard to focus on the work and not look at him, and the one time I did, he was listening attentively to the teacher.

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Uh Ohs

So my day began tiredly, 6 hours of sleep is a lot to some and should be normal for me to some extent, but I felt sooo ready to loll into sleep that it wasn't funny. When I got to school, my would-be boy(friend) gave me a full on-stare as I walked in, and I was (and am) wearing new, lovely indigo, expensive jeans and one of my favourite shirts by David Bitton.

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