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So I know You're Reading This..

Yep, I know you're reading this, so anyways; lots of exciting weekend and non-weekend journals from many, props to them indeed! I spent mine with family and reading so yay for lack of social life. Anyway, I was still happy nontheless and thinking about Mother's Day and how grateful I am for my mom and how much everyone's mother has done for them, even if it's just conception-labour. For many it's months-years-decades more input than that, and I feel so indebbted to her sometimes I almost want to tear up! Anyway, I was also reading about bi-polar people today and I feel like I fit the bill and likely many gay people do too. According to the passage, Bi-Polar people have uber mood swings, going from periods of elation/happiness where they think a mile-a minute and seem like geniuses, where they talk constantly and are super outgoing; to times of depression nearing suicide states. These swings can shift by hours or days or even weekly, but it was interesting to me. I saw some very pretty boys (a.k.a. HOTTTTTTTTTT) while out with the famille today and this may sound kinky but since I knew we were going out yesterday last night as I drifted to sleep I was thinking about what it'd be like to just come out and approach a guy or give him a kiss or something, since I'd likely never see him again. Suffice to say we went shopping far away so that was a decent idea, didn't do it though, I did have the urge sometimes but restraint kicked in and plenty of people would have noticed or at least 2-3.

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What would Pikachu do?

Yep, the title jumped out at you again I'm sure! I feel semi-bad about just randomly browsing through stuff on Oasis and never posting, but then sometimes posting a bunch of comments but not responding to you fine people who respond to a jounral entry or whatever or whatnot.

Anyway, the title - What would Pikachu do? Well for those of us in the X generation as it has been called, Pikachu = a Pokemon! If you're lost now, go google images and it'll clear the rest up for you. Anyway, now that Gigglefest 2006 is over, let's get to the good stuff. The meat of the matter! Sooooo, I live in Canada, in a suburb near Toronto; in a few years I will have to submit an application to a university. I have always been debating a bit in my mind where to go, I want to be a doctor, am 100% set on it and have been for most of my life. I think UFT, MacMaster and Brown are my top choices. Those probably don't mean anything to you but oh wells.

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The Literate Connection Draws You In To Read THIS

Yep, I knew the title would grab your attention! And I am glad that you are literate indeed. Sometimes I think everyone in North America squanders it; I've never lived in a 3rd world country or anything of the like, but I see how stupid some people are about being able to read and even at 16-18 they can't properly spell or even speak; yet I'm sure some kid 1000miles away with Aids/Polio/malnutrition would LOVE the chance to just have a piece of paper or a book or something.

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First Journal, just random mumbo jumbo :)

Well damn, here we are at J's very first journal here. So sometimes I feel like I have no life in all honesty, because my friends are for the most part just girls, and before I moved I might have a person (boy or girl) over to my house to hang out, but since I moved 2+ years ago I have yet to have anyone over, and not been invited to a guy's house here yet :( Sometimes I do get hung up on trying to have a social life, and even get a bit manipulative and try to think of all the ways I can get in with X and Y group, but then I also think of how much I really don't relate to straight guys here, they're not sport fanatics, but I just dont know all the stuff to talk to them about.

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